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Keep It Simple, Stupid

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’m not normally a big fan of “natural” makeups on skins, that au natural look that is so 2008.  But some people do it well. My first thought when trying on Rykers Genesis-Eden skin in the 1st Time makeup was – Beach Face!

Ok ok ok, it’s not SL Beach Face.

But, it’s sort of MY beach face. In RL. Pale skin, freckled by the sun, pink lips – clear complexion.  It’s obviously meant to convey a very natural wholesome beauty and I think that Ryker really achieved that with this – giving definition and form to what is often a washed out nude on other skins. Continue reading


posted by Gidge Uriza

You find precious few people to respect on the grid. Oh don’t get me wrong – I always find LOTS of people to LIKE. But I’m a bit drawn to rakes and ruffians of various ilk -so the grid really is like mother’s milk in that department.

But when you talk about RESPECT, people with true ethics and who “do the right thing” well….ok they’re few and far between.  Which is why I’m giving a shout out to my friend Sasy Scarborough, the creator of the shoes on my feet.  Sasy is one of those people, that after I have a moment where my only response is *BLINK* – I IM Sasy and say “SASY! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?”

Or “Sasy, why does this look this way? Is this INTENTIONAL what the hell?”

They are only available on Xstreet, the former SLX. You can get them in a MULTITUDE of colors HERE. (I am wearing the dollarbies, so you can pick up one pair to check them out and then go buy the rest because you are addicted). Continue reading

…And It Was All Yellow……

posted by Gidge Uriza

Once upon a time, when we were just two instead of five, my fiancee and I stood on a Florida beach at night, down at the edge of our campsite and danced under the moon and stars to Cold Play’s YELLOW. 

The sound of the water, and the wind through the palms swirled around Chris Martin’s mysterious vocals as well held each other tight and marveled at being in such a place an in love. Continue reading

Fun on 3/17 Without Shamrocks

posted by Gidge Uriza

So it’s St Patricks day and you’re about to barf from the amount of shamrocks,green tinsel and erin go bragh on the feeds today, aren’t you?

That’s why I posted mine YESTERDAY bishes.

That being said, it seemed appropriate to wear something green today nonetheless, especially if I didn’t want that Irish Curse – the pinch for not wearing green.  🙂

So I thought I’d share one more of my Callie Cline pickups (NO I AM NO WHERE NEAR DONE I TOLD YOU I SPENT ALL MY MONEY THERE SO HUSH!) Continue reading

Wearing O' The Green

posted by Gidge Uriza

Oh it starts out INNOCENTLY enough. I think to myself…..’Self, you know where we haven’t been in a long time? Callie Cline. We should just pop over and see what is what.’ So then it just so happens that I arrive shortly after Callie has marked down everything in her store that is green to 99L.

And it starts. The flurry of mad buying because, since I haven’t been in so long – it’s all NEW to me…….and I’m in this shopping frenzy the likes of which would put off a school of hungry sharks.

This coat dress just screams Edith Head to me. If you don’t know who she is….well look her up. You’ll see I’m right. The dress includes a system skirt so you can drop the prim for a sleeker look. It has has several layers on the top (thoughtful thank you!) for my options if you are mixing and matching. Continue reading

Swimming (with some Posemaker Appreciation)

So, I wanted to show you how gorgeous the new skin from Genesis is and thought a swim shoot would be ideal. I threw on one of Vogel’s gorgeous bikinis and jumped in the water. Using poses from Niqotine’s wonderful Water Poses set, I shot a few pictures that show off the skin and the poses. Continue reading

Hearts & Moonshine

This newest design from Moonshine Clothing is called Gem – and how apt that name is for this is a gem of a dress.  The bodice comes on all layers and can easily be worn with pants and other skirts. The question is who would want to wear it with any other skirt than this luscious little gem. Normally I run from fabric covered in hearts – thinking they all look a bit twee. Not this. Partly because the colors are not the ubiquitous pink, red and white  but the fresher green, blue and brown. It’s not just that though, it’s also the fine details such as the lacing on the skirt and the perfect little metal holes for the laces. You would have to look long and hard to find something so fresh, new and exciting – and with hearts on it no less.

Continue reading

The Start of Something Big

There’s more than green beer to look forward to on St. Patrick’s Day this year. At 5 pm that day, Ryker Beck will release her new Genesis Eden skins to the general public.  Many of you know Ryker Beck for her outstanding photography and her jewelry line. She has always been generous with tips and tutorials on her web site for those seeking to improve their SL photo skills. As a photographer first – I think she has brought a special understanding to the art of skin creation.  And for those of us plurkers, we have followed the process of creating Eden from alpha to omega. Today you will probably see the 8 different shades this skin comes in all across the fashion blogs – because it’s an exciting new skin.

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Round Buttons

Oh I do love the round buttons that trim this jacket from Zaara – a jacket I am sure you will see again and again as the truly well-made and flexible clothing items do get a lot of wear and air time. I decided to follow through on the theme of gold buttons – and chose the lovely necklace from Genesis that the green blouse from Zaara because of their gold buttons – but the piece that is the buttoniest of all is the pants from TOSL – the wonderful Sergeant Pepper pants. I have worn them before in another color – but this time I am grabbing the teal pants and yes, they work with that top.

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