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Sunday Mish Mash

posted by Gidge Uriza

I wore this gorgeous piece -KABUKI- from Mon Amour the other day over at Second Style – and well, frankly, I just wasn’t done wearing it. It was just to wicked awesome to let go that quickly. So I decided to flip around a few things and see what shoot out for a completely different look. Continue reading

Comfy Casual For Saturday!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I am wearing a whole lot of things I like. I’ve had almost a whole pot of coffee, the sun in shining and I’m in this really fantastic mood today. TANGENT WARNING! I am bound to head off on several today.  But let’s start with the hair.

Being a certified hair fiend (card carrying) I was completely distraught when Gogo brought to my attention ANOTHER flippin hair store that I was going to like. Seriously. Stop the madness. Between the production of the creators I already patronize and the new stores I’m being introduced to – well – there is no hope for my bank account. Continue reading

I've Been Wearing Rainbows

Bliensen & Maitai have found a new home in the Starlust region – on Horst, to be exact. To celebrate, there are new releases including shoes, jewelry and this incredible rainbow dress. Wait until you see the bottom, though that lovely rainbow froth of lace at the bodice gives you a hint.

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Quick Look:Boutique!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Tenshi Vielle’s Boutique is aptly named- you’ll find vendors all over including on the store. So mind that – the things you want to buy you might be standing on. I’ve chastised her though – I think some of her best things are hidden away upstairs. Silly rabbit.

This Victorian wrap shit and skirt are made with an irreverant irridescent hue and are casual but nicely tailored. Continue reading

Fear? No. Clothing? Yes!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I stumbled into Fear and Clothing who  was much blogged by Cajsa a while back, while wandering the the Sn@tch Sim. How I never ended up in there yet I can’t say but there I was, squeeing about these CUTE Geisha jeans.

Had to have them. HAD to have them. Continue reading

A Post With Multiple Purposes!

posted by Gidge Uriza

First up, today is the SXY2nd Magazine Launch Wingding on the SXY2nd Sim and it’s a full scale Whup-ti-doo! From 12-4pm SLT it’s beach wear so put on your beach clothes or bathing suits and head over to party!

Then from 4-6pm it’s a white party! Put on your white and don’t miss part two of this celebration!

Now, part two of my purpose……


In the Summer, In the City

When it gets hot and the sun beats down on the asphalt, it’s time to break out the sunglasses and bright colors. The bright colors add zest and energy to combat the enervating heat and the sunglasses make the bright glare bouncing off the sidewalks bearable. White, such as in the jacket, is the necessary color of the season – brightening your look and reflecting the light and heat away from you. Dressing for summer heat is always fun because it demands your brightest brights and lets you shine. For example, the FAB.PONY dress above is the brightest blue or the KA Creations dress below, both accented with white accessories.

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