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Quick Look:Boutique!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Tenshi Vielle’s Boutique is aptly named- you’ll find vendors all over including on the store. So mind that – the things you want to buy you might be standing on. I’ve chastised her though – I think some of her best things are hidden away upstairs. Silly rabbit.

This Victorian wrap shit and skirt are made with an irreverant irridescent hue and are casual but nicely tailored. Continue reading

Fear? No. Clothing? Yes!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I stumbled into Fear and Clothing who  was much blogged by Cajsa a while back, while wandering the the Sn@tch Sim. How I never ended up in there yet I can’t say but there I was, squeeing about these CUTE Geisha jeans.

Had to have them. HAD to have them. Continue reading

A Post With Multiple Purposes!

posted by Gidge Uriza

First up, today is the SXY2nd Magazine Launch Wingding on the SXY2nd Sim and it’s a full scale Whup-ti-doo! From 12-4pm SLT it’s beach wear so put on your beach clothes or bathing suits and head over to party!

Then from 4-6pm it’s a white party! Put on your white and don’t miss part two of this celebration!

Now, part two of my purpose……


In the Summer, In the City

When it gets hot and the sun beats down on the asphalt, it’s time to break out the sunglasses and bright colors. The bright colors add zest and energy to combat the enervating heat and the sunglasses make the bright glare bouncing off the sidewalks bearable. White, such as in the jacket, is the necessary color of the season – brightening your look and reflecting the light and heat away from you. Dressing for summer heat is always fun because it demands your brightest brights and lets you shine. For example, the FAB.PONY dress above is the brightest blue or the KA Creations dress below, both accented with white accessories.

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Naming clothing must get difficult for designers. There’s so many options – naming them after friends, places, animals, objects and inventing names or just being really, really kind and naming them descriptively. For example, this dress could be called glittery green dress with a feather skirt. It could be called Candy Wrapper. However, it is called Tree. Okay, let’s give credit to the designer who actually did name it descriptively Sequined Halterneck Dress Tree Mix. Mix because there are three outfits in the box all the with main color being green and all using the same green skirt, though there is also a black skirt option without the bright green tips. It makes me smile, because even though trees are green, nothing about this makes me think of trees. Neon, show girls, burlesque, bars, dance halls, gambling, dancing, les Folies Bergere, the Moulin Roughe, the Golden Nugget. Yes, it makes me think of lots of things, but not trees. Still, isn’t it adorable? and when you realize that the set includes two other similar outfits with just a slightly different color emphasis – it’s such a deal.

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Come Out and Play

I spent a fun morning on the grid, running about, flying hither and thither, and shopping up a storm as well. I even stopped off for a bit of hide and seek in a trunk. Well, actually it’s a posing trunk I picked up at Attetuede where I found so many fun little animations and props that it was hard to choose only one. I have placed it in the Forest Box at MDR for folks to shoot. The outfit I picked up here, there and everywhere… and it’s perfect for play. In particular, the Athlete Heels from Redgrave add a playful bit of fun.

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Callie Cline Made Me a Cowgirl

posted by Gidge Uriza

Green leopard boots with color change gems? Are you serious? I don’t understand why these didn’t give me a CALL to come over and fetch them. These boots were one of my MANY green pickups during Callie’s big green L$99 sale – and then I added the jeans when she had her big L$10 sale right after.

She’s had some amazing sales lately. Continue reading

Fabulous Fashion TV – It's Fabulous!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I spent a ridiculous amount of time agonizing over what to wear during my 8 minutes of fame on Fabulous Fashion TV.  In addition to being unbelievably disorganized, confused and tardy during the entire process – I was nervous.

Unbelievably so.

I ended up wearing PXL Creations Nails instead of these Black Nails

I ended up wearing PXL Creations Nails instead of these Black Nails

Here is the kind of paranoid crap that ran through my mind.

  • Who should I wear?
  • Will someone be insulted if I DON’T wear them?
  • Should I wear what I’m talking about or not?
  • What sort of look should I go for?
  • Should I go for any look at all?
  • Would Would Joan Jett Do?

So all this aside, I decided to embrace the stylists credo (after all I was the guest stylist although I wasn’t doing Angie Mornington’s hair) and wear all black. They do this to minimize their own fabulousness and to make it all about YOU – if you’ve ever wondered why some do that. Really upscale places tend to (or neutral colors). Continue reading

SLink Sexy for Thursday Night

posted by Gidge Uriza

So I had never been to SLink till Cajsa bought me prim feet the other day. But I was enamored by her monochromatic styles and the rich, jewel tones of her textures.

Consequently I had to go back.  My friend QXI Gears was having an art exhibit (which I did not make SHAKES FIST AT RL!!!) but I wanted something slinky and sexy as QXI does erotic art (which will make your head explode, your eyes pop out and turn you on in ways which disturb you).

So, I decided pairing up a couple of my new pieces from SLink would exactly fit the bill.

So were you like me, and went to ETD and bought every flippin hairstyle she made since god was a boy – back when she had her big sale? And are you like me now buying every damn thing you see that is new? I found this – and forgot I had it.  I thought it was kind of a fun and messy ‘do for the look.

Maybe a little JBF? Continue reading