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Pink and White Think Alikes

posted by Gidge Uriza

I received the invitation to Boopzee Slade’s rezz day party over the weekend and spent a short amount of time pouting about it, because it looked like I wouldn’t be able to attend due to the time of day. But when I logged in late Monday night to find out that the party was STILL rocking, I was delighted.

With visions of a white frosted cake piped with pink icing flowers in my mind – I went rifling through my closet. My delightful new party dress from the <3 Cupcakes secret sale (got it for ZERO!) was just the ticket for a birtday/rezz day party! I slipped into my shoes and TP’d over to Boopzee’s soiree. Continue reading

DP YUM YUM Brings Fun For Spring

By Gidge Uriza
I ran, not walked when I saw the SL Freestyle post about this super cute skirt. It was on a night when I didn’t have much else to do, so I was running the gauntlet of fashion freebies – and this little gem was right at the top of my list. Right around the corner in the store was a collect of muted tone sweaters sold in two packs. I picked up the “reds” collection hoping that one of them would be a good compliment to this skirt – which it is.

One of my favorite things about SL are the conversations you would never have anywhere else. So when my best friend said “Come over and pick out some sculptures for your housewarming gift” I slipped into this ensemble. I think it says, “I’m casually hanging out with a friend while picking out modern art sculptures.”

Or something like that. It’s what I INTENDED to say anyway.

Style notes after the jump. Continue reading

More More Paper Couture

Paper Couture's Rosette

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

Oh goodie! Another photo contest for which I procrastinated to the end. Of course, this one is for Paper Couture whose clothes I have been remixing lately. One day I will remix this one, too, but don’t be holding our breath for it.So, I need to choose a photo by tomorrow. This session I was feeling goofy and this dress made me feel even more playful so I kind of went astray with the photo shoot. I took a few conventional shots like the one above at the end in case I lose my nerve.

Opheila @ VersaillesThis session got off to the weird start after I opened this new beta skin from Free Speerit. It has tears – not the mascara dripping down your face tears, but subtle drops of fluid that slid gently down the cheeks. Tears, not a mask. The other element going into my thought process was the whimsy of wearing that ridiculous Madame Pompadour hair – the Queen of Roses. Tears, pre-revolutionary hair and a super frilly dress, where better to shoot than Versailles.

Falling in the fountainfountainBut the lag!!!! I tried walking and promptly fell in the fountain. So I decided I had to leave. I was not really going to succeed when it took 5 minutes to circle my avatar or 3 minutes to zoom a bit closer. So no more last days of Marie Antoinette, but first, I took the time to snap some shots in the fountain. Continue reading

Paper Couture Challenge #2

Gypsy Silk by Paper Couture

Posted by Cajsa Lilliehook

When I learned that Free Spirit’s hair was free, I tp’ed over to take a look and found this striking angular cut hair – sleek and contemporary and oh-so-chic. Wanting to wear this hair, i decided to build my outfit around the hair – exactly backward from the way I usually think about what to wear.

I immediately thought of the fabulously sleek Paper Couture ball gown Gypsy Silk, but the formal gown was too dressy for traipsing around the grid – particularly as i was in an exploring mood — and that train would have gotten caught on the rose bushes. But darn it, I wanted to wear that top…see the rich textures and details and how sleek and slim-lined it looks – so perfect with that hair. Then there are those gorgeous puffy sleeves – that miraculously look right in pose after pose.

I added Kraftika’s #112 which is fast becoming my favorite set of necklace and earrings and the nice silver bracelet from +plus..and i was set if you didn’t look below my waist. <grin>

And then i began putting on pair after pair after pair of black and grey pants trying to find the perfect ones. I wanted smooth, tight and sleek pants, no bells, no wrinkles, no big zippers and seams. Before i got completely frustrated i remembered the cigarette pants from Ingenue and sure enough, they were perfect. To complete the them of sleek and chic, the well-crafted Florence boots were an absolute must.

So, here it is – a look based on a hair style – and another example of using Paper Couture’s lovely clothing in new ways – refuting the criticism that their clothes are not practical once more.

You can see more photos of the outfit @ the Gypsy Silk set on my Flickr page

Style info after the jump.

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