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If Snow White Were A Stripper…..

posted by Gidge Uriza

Trinity Eales at Shameless specializes in sexy clothes – many specifically targeted toward erotic dancers and courtesans.  When she rolled out her costumes last year for Halloween there was no disappointment – the beautiful yet sexy designs she offered were classy and fun….yet not your run of the mill Halloween styles.

She carries a large number of costume style garments in stock all year, not just in October. So if sexy dancer/courtesan is your bag, or you just have a special occasion to look super sexy for check out Shameless. Most of her outfits are priced under L$200 – so they’re quite affordable as well – and Trinity always has out some great freebies and deals. Continue reading

There is a rose

Women love drop-dead sexy dresses, short dresses, long dresses, all kinds of dresses, but the dresses that make us go “oooh” and do cartwheels in our minds are the truly romantic, soft and innocent dresses like this cream dress from Hal*Hina. This is the sort of dress our dolls wore, a barely there cream, soft pink roses, a wispy layer of organza, ribbons in our hair. We put these kinds of dresses on and hear harp music played by cherubs in clouds.

Hal*Hina is definitely a find. A store with lovely feminine dresses, many for only L50. There’s also a luscious green dress available free to group members. Continue reading