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It’s purely coincidence that the outfit I am proposing for Halloween fun today is completely free. This outfit is not an editorial comment on the Freebie debate. In fact, I shot the photos on the 22nd, a day before the Great Freebie Debate in which I agreed with everyone. I like freebies, I sometimes blog them. I also think that there’s a freebie glut right now.  Perhaps there will be a natural market correction. I also agree some shoppers are just dang rude, but do not believe the freebies make them rude.  Some people find anonymity liberating and become more creative, more open and more alive. Some find anonymity liberating and turn into creatures with the manners of a weasel, the morals of a polecat and the kindness of a badger. It’s not the freebies that make them that way; it’s their true nature. But now, back to fashion.

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Okay, so I am a terrible skin reviewer.  For one, I care more about how the face and the makeup look than the shape of the tuches. I must confess, though, that the new Aleri Darkes Virgo skin has a great tuches which I noticed while shooting Gidge last night for an upcoming post on some lingerie. Secondly, who ever heard of talking about skin with a fake mustache and eyebrows? oh well…

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