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I can’t believe how much time I lost and now it’s almost Halloween and there are about 1000 Halloween things I haven’t done or worn! SO MANY THINGS! I love them all, want to do them all and then some. I don’t even care how silly they are, I am a fiend for Halloween. Continue reading

Time To Get Back To Work

It was a lovely day and a half off but this Second Life isn’t going to live itself. I’m already resolved to stop eating so much junk and get back into my health avatar lifestyle.

See, I’ve got my half orange at the ready.  I am not going to eat that cake. No really. I’m not. Well, maybe a little. I mean I don’t have to completely live like an ascetic do I? Continue reading

Such a Messy Second Life

Second Spaces has one again found me a place for my stuff, which I appreciate. This week it’s an adorable set of shelves, either with or without clutter. Obviously I’m a girl with a lot of stuff so I needed this immediately. You can also choose a darker version.

Since it’s for Fifty Linden Friday it’s a steal that all us messy girls need.

The landmark in the FLF notecard is WRONG for Second Spaces though, take note. I stood at a spot labeled MESHWORX with many other confused folks until I realized I wasn’t at THE PEA – which is where Second Spaces is located.

You can ride this taxi to the correct location.

Happy Shopping Girls!

I’m Sexy And I Know It

Luxuria has put out this amazing item for FLF and the stockings have mesh appliers for whatever mesh body thing you’ve got on. That’s a great pick up for 50L.  The stockings come in nude or white but I decided nude was the way to go today.  Continue reading

The Next Must Have Bikini

Right about the time I think that no more bikinis ever need to be made someone comes along and makes the next one that is absolutely adorable. Anessa Stine has this one available at her shop DCNY and the best part for you is that it’s 50L because it’s part of FLF today! Continue reading

Candy Girl, you are my world!

I feel so totally cheery and energetic in this outfit. When I put it together I immediately felt like I needed to have a car with the top down, a pink poodle and 4 assistants to help me go shopping. Get outta my dreams, get into mah car BEEP BEEP YAH! Oh, remember the blonde chick with the big boobs that the stuck up housewives hated in the movie The Help? Yea, I feel like her. She was hot.

Continue reading

You know what? You don’t have much time!

Hello, people, i hope everyone is doing good 🙂

There are a few events currently going on and for one of them you only have a few hours left to get nice items at discounted prices. I’m talking about the Fifty Linden Friday, which is back, and Collabor88.

So, let me show you what i liked the most in both the collections.



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Shark Tale

Yeah, a tale about a beautiful dark/goth skin from (fashionably dead) that has been set out for 50L only: it’s “Shark”, Toast Bard’s item for this Fifty Linden Friday and i absolutely love it!


Did i say that i love it? 😛

It comes in three different tones, so everyone’s happy 🙂

If you like this awesome skin you better hurry up, because time is ticking away and tomorrow it won’t be available anymore.

Sorry for this short post, RL is keeping me soooo busy lately, but i HAD to find 5 mins to show you this fab skin, in case you missed it.

Ciao! 🙂



  • Skin: (fashionably dead) – Shark – for FLF
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors – night rain
  • Hair: (Dernier Cri) – Zero Gravity