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Goodbye, Jimmy Scott


The LaPointe & Bastchild leather jacket and miniskirt are must-have investment pieces. The jacket is generously fitted so that it is easy to wear a top underneath (and comes with its own top included) and it and the skirt are classics. With a HUD to change textures, there are more than a dozen colors all in one. The shoes are from Pure Poison and that travel bag is from Redux. All are Fashion For Life exclusives.

The world became a little quieter on Thursday when Little Jimmy Scott, the incomparable jazz vocalist died at the venerable age of 88. My parents were fans and I grew up listening to his music. He was not a well-known singer and I have bonded with more than one person over our mutual love for his voice and music and utter loss as to why he was so unappreciated. Even the New York Times agrees, saying he was “”perhaps the most unjustly ignored American singer of the 20th century.” There’s a lovely article with several videos of his music here.


One reason he was so unappreciated is that his early label Savoy refused to allow him to record with other labels even after he was no longer with him. Like many artists of the 1950s and 60s, he was trapped by an abusive and exploitive record contract that kept him out of music for over 15 years – years he worked in as a cook, a nurse’s aide and hotel clerk. But he never gave up and never became bitter and was rewarded by a renaissance that brought him much deserved acclaim and a measure of justice.

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Beauty is



Beauty is only skin deep. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is as beauty does. Beauty is truth, truth beauty. Beauty is pain. Beauty is power the same way money is power the same way a gun is power. Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. Beauty is welcome. Beauty is a whore. Beauty is vain. Beauty is not caused, it is. Beauty is unbearable. Beauty is the illumination of your soul. Beauty is too much for me to handle. Beauty is a form of genius. Beauty is is something that burns your hand when you touch it. Beauty is whatever gives joy. Beauty is the shadow of imperfections. Beauty is a light in the heart. Beauty is its own excuse for being. Beauty is ineffable. Beauty is everywhere. Continue reading

Dream a Little Dream


Drew is one of the exclusives released by Purple Moon at Fashion For Life. It is beautifully made in every detail from the sumptuous embroidery to the black piping on the bodice that feeds into the spaghetti straps. The execution on this dress is flawless.  Continue reading

This Ship of State & a gift for readers


Do you sometimes want a gown so rich and full and extravagant you feel as though you are the figurehead on some elegant ship of state? If so, the ‘Heartache’ gown by Tres Beau at Fashion for Life. With rich saturated colors and a gorgeous corset, it demands some dramatic photos. I ended up making a smaller pinpoint projector texture that I will add to the bottom of this post so you can download it for your own photos. Continue reading

Why I Always Attend Fashion for Life

I was browsing my inventory this morning, searching for something to wear with my earrings from Bliesen + Maitai for FASHION FOR LIFE and was reminded, due to my lack of inventory maintenance, of how many years I’ve attended Fashion for Life. It’s not something that’s ever been top of mind, like COLLABOR88, Fifty Linden Friday, or The Arcade, where I feel a RUSH and desire to go. More like, it’s something I should go to as a member of our community to support the spirit of charity and helping support American Cancer Society.

I’m lucky, genetically. There is no cancer in my family. It doesn’t mean there won’t ever be, it just means I’m not predisposed. My genes are on file at Columbia, because of different family medical issues, and I know for a fact that I carry none of the KNOWN genetic markers for any type of cancer.  Continue reading

One Man’s Hands


I would have fit right in with Pete Seeger and the other folk music activists in this out fit from Spyralle – at Fashion For Life, I really love this long ponytail from EMO-tions a Fashion For Life exclusive.

Watching the efforts of the builders, designer and bloggers that are doing their utmost to make Fashion For Life a success, I think of the words of Pete Seeger’s wonderful song, One Man’s Hands.

One man’s hands can’t tear a prison down
Two men’s hands can’t tear a prison down
But if two and two and fifty make a million
We’ll see that day come round
We’ll see that day come round. Continue reading

Second Lives and Second Chances


The Naiades dress from [sYs] is all about the side boob. At least it promises side boobery, but if you wear the right size, it’s a promise unfulfilled.

Organizing Fashion for Life has been a challenge and an inspiration. Some of that inspiration has come from the extraordinary generosity of the builders and creators whose contributions make Fashion For Life possible. Another source of inspiration are the many bloggers who have been working hard to make sure you know about Fashion For Life. If you read any fashion feed, you know about Fashion For Life from their hundreds of posts. Continue reading

Passport Madness

Wearing all the Souvenirs at Once

This year’s Fashion For Life features a Passport Game that encourages visits to every sim. To play you pick up your passport at one of the Redemption Center’s located on each sim. Then you wander the sims, picking up a souvenir on each sim. The souvenirs are provided by the builders and fit into the themes of the sims they built. Each souvenir requires a 50L donation to Relay For Life. You can find the souvenirs in each sim’s Gacha area. All you have to do then is wear the items while wearing the HUD. Each item stamps your HUD. As you can see, I made an “outfit” out of mine, who knew a flower pot made such a lovely skirt?

Fashion For Life Passport Game

Once your HUD has all 10 stamps, then you are ready to redeem your passport. Go to the redemption center to choose from the many prizes provided by creators and builders. You can only play the passport game once – so choose wisely.

San Antonio Rose


Deep within my heart
Lies a melody,
A song of old San Antone,
Where in dreams I live
With a memory,
Beneath the stars all alone.

When I put on the  Auffaellige Rosen  dress from Schoën I immediately think of my great-aunt. She sang the background vocals to that song with Tex Ritter at the Grand Ol’ Opry and it was one of many songs I enjoyed listening to her sing. She was what is commonly called “a pistol”  – a woman who lived life to the fullest from the day she was born to the day she died and that was a long time. Born in the 19th century she lived to enjoy the 21st century’s arrival and promise. From horse and buggy to manned space flight in her life time. She buried three husbands during that lifetime – oddly enough while they all had different names, their names were homophones. So while she changed the spelling, she never changed the pronunciation. She was 92 when she married her 3rd husband, a youngster in his 80s.  Continue reading

Fashion for Life…Opens In 10…9…8…

Fashion for Life, months in the planning, is going to open within minutes. It’s a great opportunity for us shoppers to take our hard earned lindens and put them toward donating to a great cause – the American Cancer Society.

I’m wearing a great summer look from Lacuna for Fashion for Life. This is just one of an amazing assortment of styles and looks you can find to dress up your pixel doll and support cancer research at the same time.

I was going to do a post where I listed all the slurls but…Shayariel did an amazing job and I don’t believe in duplicating work. Click that link and check out the great post about Slurls and the themes of the event.

Get your Wanderlust on!

Gidge is Wearing:

Skin: Pink Fuel – Harley – Crystal
Hair: Koy – Hanni
Dress: Lacuna – Mykonos – Olive and Almond for FASHION FOR LIFE
Hands: SLINK
Nails: FLAIR
Eyes: Ikon
Pose: Pretense