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Call Me…With Love


A gorgeous sweater dress like this Argyle Plaid dress from CIA for FAIR can garner a lot of calls and compliments. Hugging the figure, it highlights your curves with a sleek and chic shape. The bold pink in the Argyle makes it young and modern as dose the outsize pattern of the plaid. I added a fun and frisky little clutch from Just Design for the With Love hunt that starts on Friday. Covered in hearts of every shade of pink and red, it’s sure to win your heart if you can find it.

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Lost In Borgen


One of the perks of Thanksgiving weekend is the TV marathon that allows you to catch up on old shows and discover new ones. During this weekend, I discovered what may be one of the best TV shows ever – at least for a political junkie like me. It’s called Borgen, or Government, and is a Danish series imagining the career of the first woman prime minister. It’s available on the LinkTV website for two weeks only, so here’s your chance. Both Season One and Season Two are available. I would love to take the fictional prime minister Birgitte Nystrom shopping, though. She only wears black and dark blue power suits with solid color blouses and sensible shoes. I would love to see her in some color and prints. She could carry off this bold, body-con dress from Kunglers,  but would never even try it on.

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Pose Appreciation: oOo Studio


Poses are what separates avatars from mannequins and dress up dolls. They convey emotions, attitudes and actions. In a photo, we can have the most beautiful setting and glorious gowns, but without a pose, we have no narrative. They are the verbs in our Second Life® stories. Olaenka Chesnokov of oOo Studio is a wonderful storyteller. Do I really have to tell you that this pose is from her Bitch series? Can’t you tell by looking?

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Raid My Halloween Closet


In another installment for the Raid My Closet challenge, I dug way back to Halloween’s past (2008) for this Katatonik Day of the Dead dress. It’s survived dozens of inventory purges simply because I love it – even though there’s not much chance to wear it.
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11:00 A.M.


It’s 11:00 and what are you doing? Well, if you go to the FAIR event, you are drinking tea in this rich brocade tea dress from 22769. The dress is a rich scarlet with a chic, modern folded bodice of silk moire. Its modern styling and traditional fabrics make a great mix of old and new.

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Autumn is the time for layers and layers of knits and wools and cuddling up warm and cozy or running through the woods kicking the leaves up into the air. The secret to comfort in the fall is layering so that you can take something off while in a heated room or in the heat of the sun and put it back on when the sun hides behind a cloud. In this outfit, I layered a cozy thermal knit top from Sakide with a short wool jacket from VoguE. I have that top in every color and only wish there were more colors of it – one of my favorite wardrobe basic of all time. The jacket is part of an outfit from Vogue that comes with pants, gloves, top, the works, but there’s no reason not to pull out the pieces to mix and match with something else. I blogged the jacket about a year ago with the gloves. It’s one of those striking pieces that work well with others.

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It’s 3PM So It Must Be Zenith


Chic Management’s new monthly showcase FAIR has a clever organizing framework. Each monthly showcase is limited to twelve designers each of whom are assigned an hour of the day to serve as their inspiration. It’s a lovely conceit and for many of the items, I could see how the time of day inspired their design immediately. It is fun to walk the clock and try to figure out if I can follow their train of thought. Some were less successful than others are making an obvious connection to their time of day, but I like the challenge and seeing their efforts to meet it.

Miffyhoi Rosca of Zenith was assigned 3 PM and coincidentally, I am typing this very sentence at 3:01 PM. I can’t quite make the connection between the time of day and the off-shoulder sweater, but I certainly can make a connection to the sweater. It comes in three colors and also has matching socks that I did not put on. It’s comfy and cozy and so chic at the same time.

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