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Fashion Week


It is time for the AVENUE Spring/Summer Fashion Week and the floodgates have opened as one design house after another releases the their latest collections for the season. The Spring/Summer fashions focus on a breezy casual look as you can see in this design from MIAMAI that paired skinny trousers with a short floaty floral top. The scooped in shoulder gives this a new shape and a modern edge.

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Ravishing Ravissant

The dress may be ravishing, but the name of it ravissant has nothing to do with that. It means in a half-raised position which is a good description of the assymetrical sculptural collar that makes this dress so ravishing.  A rich wine charmeuse from House of Beningborough – this is truly one of those gowns for the red carpets of life.

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Winter Formal

I put some real effort in getting dressed for the SCD-Glitterati Winter Formal last night. With the request to wear white, the chances of duplicating someone else’s look were much higher, so I decided to make something completely new by combining two gowns into one. This is the result and I think it was a triumph. Or it would have been if some IRL friends didn’t drop by about 15 minutes into the party with pizza and a movie. So, I officially spent longer getting dressed than I  did at the party.

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Adele Dazzles

Regular readers know I there are a few designers that simply flip my switches. What they do just appeals to me on a different level than most fashion. Most designs that I like, I can admire and evaluate relatively objectively. If it’s reasonably priced, I will buy it. If not, I won’t.  Then there are those whose designs disconnect my brain from my wallet and blow my budget. They do something unique and new. Their clothing doesn’t remind me of anyone else. It’s wholly their own. LadyThera Taurog of Lady Thera’s Art & Fashion is one such designer and if ever there were a case of brain disconnection, it is this dress.

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I could have danced all night…and I did

New Year’s Eve was a night for dancing and just as I always do when I dress for dancing, I thought about how the clothes would look while shimmying and shaking across the floor.  For that reason, I seldom wear system skirts for dancings as the distorted textures when you dance can so ruin the line of a dress. This also makes me wary of sculpties that flap around like broken wings on a baby bird. But flexis aren’t necessarily the solution as they can look like a tornado swirling round the floor.  Of course, we all understand the limitations of clothing and forgive our dancing foibles…but I am always on the look for a great dance dress. This lovely white Alaska dress from Kunglers is ideal.

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My New Winter Coat

I tolk you last week how I discovered Modern Gypsy when I met Staci Bernard looking impeccably styled and gorgeous in a wonferful coat. But then I didn’t show you the coat. I am rectifying that today. This is the wonderful coat I saw and, if you will indulge the conceit and ignore attachment point limits, the dress underneath it.

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