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First of all, let me just say, she had me by quoting OVERBOARD which is one of the funniest fucking movies in this history of the world.


But beyond that, I’m loving her gritty, fresh styling and sense of fun with each photo. Usually, any photos that get too creative I lose focus on the items being worn, to the point that I never look to see what the person has on because I’m looking at composition and things like that.

I think she’s doing a bang up job of creating fun and interesting images but still showcasing what she’s wearing, which is really sort of the point.

Well done! IT’S FABULOUS!



Ryn Starfall on REBAKE

Celebrity Trollop’s latest brainchild is REBAKE a newsletter which arrives in your. You can find sales, news, as well as a weekly look from one of the editors.

As someone who is lazy and doesn’t look at the feeds much this is an awesome way to get Fashion News and info delivered right to your email box. Plus I love the sale news and new release info! YAY!

It’s especially great for those times when you can’t get in world and need a pixel fashion fix!

Rebake comes out once a week and is delivered right to your mail box. I love the concept and can’t wait for it every week.

KUDOS to Celebrity Trollop and her team, Ryn Starfall and our own Elusyve Jewell!

It's a FABBIE For Lifestyles of the BROKE and Notorious!

posted by Gidge Uriza

Did you know that coffee burns when it comes out of your nose? I learned this when I clicked over from plurk to read THIS POST.

Dear God. Will I ever, EVER get tired of this ad campaign? NO.

I was hooked at this bit of genius…..

Photo from Broke and Notorious in SL

“Look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me, but if he stopped using ladies skins and switched to LaVie, he could look like he’s me.” – OMG I AM DYING READING THIS.

This is what exactly my type of fabbie, a post that is full of great pics, that his engaging and funny – and actually keeps my interest till the end. WELL DONE.

Plus, I want those skins now. I don’t know why. I just do.


Congrats to Broke and Notorious in SL for being the recipient of a FABBIE. It’s much deserved and you guys made my day!

And the Fabbie goes to….Ashia Tomsen

It's Only Fabulous

This post is a Fabbie!

So many people are doing outstanding jobs of featuring the many hair styles released at the Hair Fair that I never thought I would be singling one out for special attention, but after seeing the creative photos Ashia Tomsen produced for her blog post about The Stringer Mausoleum, I just have to say that they are Fabulous!!! Please click through and see the others, too.

And The Fabbie Goes To SLTransfusion's Serene Fairy

posted by Gidge Uriza

I was skimming through our trafic and referrals this morning and saw a blog I’ve seen more than once,but hadn’t ever popped over to check out. After doing so I was totally inspired to toss out a Sunday Morning Fabbie – the most capricious and joyous of all the Fabbies simply because I’m in a very OH WOW I LIKE THAT sort of mood.

Specifically – I’m tossing out a Fabbie for the composition style of the the photos on THIS post.

I’m in love with the restricted color palette and how gorgeously she works everything together. Espesh those righteous shoes.

A Fabulous Shot from Serene Fairy

The color composition absolutely puts me in mind of the instructions that Tim Burton gave to the art directors for The Nightmare Before Christmas. He told them they could use any color they wanted, as long as it was Orange, White or Black.

Thanks for the gorgeous images to start my morning Serene! You’re FABULOUS!


A Fabbie for Perhaps Twine's Fabulous Fotos

It's Only Fabulous

This picture is a Fabbie!

While looking through Flickr today I spied the photostream of a fantastic Second Life artist and wanted to share this find with you all. This marvelous photo is just one of dozens of amazing works! Be sure to check out Perhaps Twine’s photostream and be amazed at what people can do.

-. tO mE .-, originally uploaded by Perhaps Twine.

A Fabbie Goes To- Bliss Windlow

…..because she made me cry with laughter on the post  Why Amateurs Should Never Explain the Gorean Way – Especially to a Feminist.

Oh Christ I’m still laughing.

Q:”Why is that girl being dragged on a chain?”

A:”She must be really slow and need remedial obedience classes…..”

“Don’t worry – she LETS him own her……” OMG I LOVE THIS POST……

 Oh BLISS you have slain me on a day when I had to get out of bed and face the dragon. I am absolutely in tears considering exactly how this conversation went.

I also love that she mentions that people shouldn’t be allowed to mix metaphors in their role play. That’s brilliant.

THIS post was fucking fabulous.

Bliss rocked my socks this morning, and thus – gets a FABBIE.

OH and The Goreans getting offended in the comments? Seriously. That’s almost as good.

PS – I don’t mind Goreans. But those leaving ugly comments here will not only get published, but a good laugh. Have at it.