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Monday Monday, Can’t Trust That Day

have a l'aph_003

One of the best things about the return of Aphrodite Outlander to our little pixel fashion world is her taste and style. I’ve got like, five sets of hers shot, waiting to post, and literally I am spacing them out for fear imma rave too much and you guys will think I’m on the take.

In this shoot today, I’m only wearing her leather heels – but they broke my entire outfit. Sturdy leather heels, the kind you’d pay good money for, with a spike heel – not needle thin but the sort you can walk on and still let everyone know you’re a beautiful woman with class and style – drove my  outfit from the feet up. Continue reading

Winter Yum

Styles of Edo – which includes the wonderful designs of Marni Jewell formerly of azul – has many lush and glorious ball gowns. My favorite, though, by far is this richly textured, super-saturated festival of deep colors called Dark Pearl. With rich hand-painted silk organza, the color play in this dress is magnificent.

Continue reading