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Event Madness (In the Best Possible Way)


Even though there were few people awake when i visited the Hair Fair sims during the blogger preview, I dressed for a crowd. I wore just a hairbase, my default avatar, no shoes and this lovely little romper from Tee*fy. Of course, once I went back home, I jumped back into my mesh body and added some shoes, hair and accessories, because, well, I felt naked without my mesh body. What struck me as incredibly funny, though, is that I ran into four other bloggers who were wearing this romper, obviously having the same idea as me. The nice thing was that everyone was wearing a different print, thanks to the amazing quantity of prints and colors that Azure Electricteeth produced for Collabor88 this month.


I wondered what possible new thing Sasy, Mel and Whimsy could come up with for this year’s Hair Fair. What could top those boxes of hair dye from last year? Well, this time the stores are giant shopping bags. There are also a few spills of shopping bags scattered around, you can even walk inside them. There are huge lipstick displays, too. Of course, I had to check out the ones on the Redhead sim.  Continue reading

It’s only green.


I’ve been redecorating my little slice of SL heaven, better known as a 1536 plot.  Well I’ve been redecorating it repeatedly actually.  I have an addiction to houses, skyboxes and furniture. At the moment, I’m on the ground.  While putzing around in my new Miel frock, I noticed that it looked nice with my house and land, and so, pictures were born. A couple of things I’d like to call out in the look beside the awesomely fun frock.  My necklace is from tea.s and the headband is the jelly glitter headband from Lark!  Continue reading

Cosmetics Fair Goodness

The cosmetics fair is upon us and I’m super excited about it. I LOVE makeups. Below is a fancy makeup from La Malvada Mujer called Wanda. I’m wearing the “full” but you have options to wear only the eyes or lips or glitter. I paired it with this gorgeous necklace from Mandala called TefuTefu.


Hybie Is Wearing:

Skin: Glam Affair Amberly Petal Edition – clean

Hair: elikatira – Youth – white05

Eyes: IKON Ascension Eyes – Azure

Makeup – La Malvada Mujer – Wanda#2[full]

Necklace: Mandala – TefuTefu – black

E is for Eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious (Thanks, Arora!)


I noticed when doing my credits for this post that I have two “E” items which had me asking plurk for more. . The first is this cute leather mini from E! (see the exclamation point) which is Eclectic Apparel, the work of Eclectic Wingtips. It comes with a hud that allows you to change the metal findings from gold to silver to black and back. You also can change the upper “belt/sash” portion with several color and print options. It’s sassy and short and just the perfect choice for the new ruffled top from La Penderie de Nicole, which also comes with options, including black with several choices in contrast ruffle lining.  Continue reading


Just a quick blog post to show y’all some of the cheap goodies you can get at the new SHOP FREE STYLE. All goodies are 0L-50L and there are also some gachas.

FreeStyle BLog_001

FreeStyle BLog_002

Hybie Is Wearing:

Skin: Pink Fuel – ALena – Vanilla – Azure (SHOP FREE STYLE)
Eye Makeup: cheLLe – eyeshadow – mermaid 11 Purple (SHOP FREE STYLE)
Eyes: Butterfly Kiss Boutique – Express Eyes (SHOP FREE STYLE)
Dress: Vinyl Cafe – Lightning Strikes Dress – Yellow (SHOP FREE STYLE)
Shape: Savoir Faire Shapes – Steph (SHOP FREE STYLE)
Hair: elikatira – Parade – brown 04

Confessions: Envy


Envy, one of the Seven Sins Gacha Skins from PXL Creations.

Noting once again the delicious coincidence of PXL Creations releasing the Seven Sins Gacha skins the same week that Buckcherry released the Seven Sins as part of their Confessions album, I was elated to see then newest release from Shiki featuring a dress called Envy. Seriously, does serendipity get any better than that?

I’ve been watching you all day and night
I bet you’d make someone a perfect wife
My infatuation burns inside
I envy you and want you in my life.

I see you moving towards me, I feel it deep inside,
My mind, I can’t control it, I wish I had your life.

She’s got everything,
I hate it cause I envy him
And he doesn’t care like I do.
She’s got everything,
I hate it cause I envy him
And he doesn’t care like I do.
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Moss Fairy

I was looking for snowy sims earlier in the week and my friend Charisma sent me over to this fantastic sim called Maleo Isle – Magical Farm. Granted the sim wasn’t snowy anymore but it did not matter, the place is absolutely gorgeous. I knew that I wanted something equally ethereal to wear while shooting photos there.  I was lacking in the fae wear so I went onto the marketplace for new fae goodies. I came across this well made outfit from Shar’s Gowns called Moss Fairy. It comes with Lola Tango’s but Hybie has smallish boobies forever. The best thing about all of Shar’s clothing is that it is super cheap. I got this outfit for like 25L…seriously.

golden_004Hybie Is Wearing:

Dress: ~*~Shar’s~*~ Moss Fairy w/ wings
Hair: elikatira – Balance – Red 05
SKin: al vulo – georgie – peacock
eyes: Ikon – Utopia – fearie green

The Rose Theater


A trip to Second Life’s® Rose Theater requires a gown worthy of the venue and this recent release from VoguE Fashion is in all ways worthy. It has the regal red, black and gold colors, rich and strong colors that for centuries have signified formal elegance. The gown has a rich brocade band marking the chevroned drop waist and a bodice of red glass beans embellished with gold threads. Even the lush shoulder fur is dusted with gold. My jewelry from Donna Flora for My Second Box is just a regal and rich and the topaz gems are huge.

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Spook Of The Day

Just a quick lil post featuring my look of the day (or at least part of the day). Halloween is near and the sweet smell of candy and pumpkin is in the air. Lots of ppl are decorating their sims with scary decor and I’m loving it. The location I’m in is called Charville Haunted Hollow and there are lots of spooooky places to explore. So get out there and explore people! Only a few more weeks until it’s all over!

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