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The Plastik Gambit


I don’t know which opening move Aikea Rieko is commemorating with her Gambit dress, but it must be a colorful one.
I love the many iterations of this Gambit dress from The Plastik for FaMESHed and there is one in the tradition black and white colors of chess, so the name makes perfect sense. But for me, I am drawn to the wild, hallucinogenic prints like this one and the one that Acha wore the other day. But then, I have never had the patience for chess.

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Pixel Perfect

Shiryu Musashi of Musashi-Do is one of those people my mother would have called a stickler – someone whose attention to detail and passion for perfection produces consistently high quality work. This Brocade Princess gown is an example of that pixel perfection at work. Like all of Shiryu’s creations, this is made with lovingly hand textures that meld into skillfully aligned seams and create a graceful and elegant classic addition to your wardrobe.

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