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Have you ever seen at a gas station or garage when some gasoline spills on a puddle of water? That’s what the iridescent colors in this dress remind me of – the rainbow within reach.  This is really an amazing gown -taking the folden shapes from origami and translating them into a wild and beautiful concoction. It was a gift from AvaGardner  Kungler which she gave a thank you for her photos in the Double Take project. I will share one of those photos below.

AvaGarder Kungler - one half of the Kungler dynamic design duo.

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When I grow up..

If you ever said “When I grow up I want to be a princess” have I got a dress for you. While walking the boots at Relay For Life I came upon DeGroot Innovations and saw this and went “ooh” and then “ohh la la” and then “ooh” again. Yes, this is the dress of childhood princess dreams and grownup fantasies.

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Too cute for words

Well, I suppose if I said something about this dress, then I could not say it’s too cute for words. So, instead of saying something about the dress, let me point out the adorably cute ring from flirt (a review item)  – called onyx bloom which has a super color change script so you can make it go with anything even this dress that is too cute for words.

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Flawlessly Comme il Faut

When I saw that Comme il Faut was producing a design for Passions of the Black Swan, I was eager to see the result. Moire Georgette’s designs have the timeless glamour of Greta Garbo and I was hoping to see something Garbo would wear and was not disappointed with her offerings, l’oiseau rebel (red) and l’oiseau triste (blue/purple) Continue reading

One of these days these boots are gonna …

I don’t think Nancy was thinking of Stiletto Moody’s boots in particular – especially that line “These boots are made for walking” but no matter, these definitely boots made for many things. Look at that heel, look at the sheen, oh yes, these boots are gonna have fun. Continue reading

Taking Lingerie Out of the Closet, Pt. IV

Until Second Life® gives us more clothing layers so we can wear our lingerie under our clothes, we women of SL are kept from experiencing one of RL’s great pleasures in SL – the knowledge that under the paint-spattered overalls, the cook’s apron, the doctor’s scrubs, the power suit our underwear is silky, soft and sexy.  Until then, I guess the best we can do to get a similar joie de lingerie is to drag it out of the closet and wear it so it shows, in this case by pairing a sexy bra with a sheer top.

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The Cutest Denim Skirt in the Whole Wide World

No, I don’t think that’s hyperbole. I am not a denim lover. I don’t own jeans in RL, when I need to dress casual, I like a nice cotton duck or serge, not denim. So, falling in love with anything denim is a small miracle. But who could resist this delightfully spunky and sassy denim skirt? The prim connection and fit is perfect without even a wiggle’s worth of adjustment. The colors match, the seams line up and it all adds up to a beautiful and perky little summer skirt. 

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