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Taking Lingerie Public, Part Two

One of my frustrations with Second Life® is that despite having utterly gorgeous lingerie we seldom get to wear it. Even when the layer is free, we often cannot wear our lingerie because straps will show or the thong will rise higher than our pants layer. Yes, we can wear it for our sweethearts, but in that case, how long does it really stay on? Last week I shared one strategy for taking our lingerie public. I decided I would make a continuing series on this topic, examples of lingerie I dragged out of the closet to give them some air.

Today I am using the most common, tried and true technique, wearing a lovely corset as a top. This stunning corset is from Simone Stern’s Style Starts Here – the Ruched Satin Corset with Gemmed Trim. This one is black but it comes in several other colors as well. The jeweled trim on the back of the corset is stunningly beautiful and such a surprise on lingerie.

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What Coco Said

Rosaly and Elegance Hats

By Cajsa Lilliehook

Coco Chanel once said, “it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.” Well, I probably don’t have a date with destiny today, but I like the idea of always looking your best because any day could change your destiny and why not look the part.

Okay, I confess the hat is a bit much. I wouldn’t wear it in real life because it would knock people in the head on the bus…but I would like to. I might not even mind banging people in the head with it. But isn’t it pretty? Isn’t it timeless? It could have been worn by Emma or Eliza Doolittle. It’s one of those sweeping romantic picture hats that serve to highlight the fragility of the female neck and the romance of female eyes. It’s not about the weather, it’s about the wearer.

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