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Commentary with a Dash of Glitter

Callie Cline released a cotton-candy sweet confection called the little glitter dress. Perfect name. It’s little, especially in length and it glitters with all the soft pastels of spring. I adore the dress and thought it was perfect for the softly romantic new Chloe skin from Exile.

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I heard that lonesome whistle blow

I was wearing a farm fresh skirt and blouse from enchanty when I stopped by the farm at Surface. I was inpecting the grain elevator waiting for the train to come pick up the harvest.

There’s something melancholy about a railroad track passing by the fields.It reminds me of the old family farm and the railroad running by. During the Great Depression, hobos would stop at the farm for food. They did not know that my grandfather had lost great wealth when his bank collapsed. They didn’t know he voluntarily assumed personal responsibility for the corporate liability – though his other three partners did not. He sold his electric company, lumber mill and other factories in order to make whole every depositor in the bank. They didn’t know that at age 65, he was started over from nothing on a $1/acre work-to-own dairy contract so that every bit of milk was pledged to the local creamery and not available for food for the family. Yet they came, and none were ever turned away unfed. They ate what the family ate – biscuits and gravy made from red dog flour.

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Hey, did you happen to see…

Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl…? This photo of Gidge made me think of the old Charlie Rich song except the rest of the lyrics just don’t make sense for the post or our friendship so I think I will only borrow half the first sentence.  How’s that for arbitrary? There’s nothing arbitrary about this skin, though, and the classically elegant beauty it portrays. It’s an upcoming release from PXL Creations and I would love to tell you when it’s coming out but frankly, PXL skin designer Hart Larsson needs to have a sit-down with Voltaire. He’s made 8 new iterations since this one – all improvements, though most too subtle for me to see. However, it won’t be long and I can’t wait to see the makeups.

The two of us are wearing lace dresses from Choramimi – a new-to-us store we found at Switch, the shopping sim. I finally dragged her to eha and she loved the hair. Then we ran around looking at other stores and found some lovely things like these dresses at an uebelievably low price of 77L each.

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La Marocain

When I saw the La Morocain dress from  Trés Jolie by Iota Ultsch, I immediately thought of the La Scherezade house from NotSoBad. I was sorely tempted by it when checking out the sale there the weekend before last, but ending up buying a different one. However, I could not resist running back to shoot the dress in the house anyway. This dress was made for this house – even though Iota had never seen it, she must have dreamed it.

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The Sea of Grass

Every once in a while, I take a look at AM Radio’s profile picks and check out the installations. While The Quiet and The Far Away stay as permanent exhibits of his amazing skills in environment building, other temporary installations come and go. I stopped by Surface – a wide open prairie after the hay has been cut and baled and the field is in the process of being burned. The prairie installations he creates always give me a sense of home even though I was a stump-jumper, one of those who grew up in the beautiful Northwoods that border the Red River Valley.

There could be no greater emotional contrast than the close, nestling comfort of the forest and the chill, indifference of the prairie vastness. Every time we went to the doctor, the vet or to a larger grocery, we left our forest cocoon for the immensity of the plains. Perhaps because our house was right in the middle of the forest, not in town, that contrast always made me feel very much like a tiny insignificant organism in a near infinite ocean of wheat. Going to visit my sister, there is a small embankment that is the eastern shoreline of the prehistoric Lake Aggassiz that is the true sea of grass that makes up the Red River Valley. The enormity of that vast flatness will always take my breath away. I think if I had actually lived in the Valley I would have succumbed to prairie madness because I prefer the comforting close coziness of the forest, but many in my family live in the Valley and love its never-ending horizon.

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Comfy Cozy Are We

Don’t you just love those wam, cozy fabrics that feel like you’re wearing a hug? That’s why people buy crazy things like the wearable blankets and such. They want their clothes to give them hugs. Well, I won’t be wearing a blanket any time soon, but I’m not immune to the love of huggable clothes like this comfy little dress from BeetleBones. Just one look and you know it’s warm, cozy and soft enough to pet.

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

They just wanna, they just wanna, girls just wanna have fun.  This new dress from SD Wears is called Make Me Smile. Released in several colors, I am wearing the 80’s print version of the dress – an explosion of color and fun. With it, I wore the new skin Mei Li from Adam n Eve and just had to lead with the close up. I just had to lead with the closeup this time because I thought the face was just too cute for you to miss if you don’t click through. Mei Li is an Asian skin which you can see from the skin tone – the face, though, adapts well to my shape and I really liked the effect with the short bob from eha.

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Casually Baiastice

Sissy Pessoa released her spring casual collection last week and it is as stunning and full of fun and innovation as her couture collection that she released last month. Much of her collection is made up of separates like this blouse and skirt – that can be mixed and matched as you please. In fact, these two were not placed or styled together in the store layout, but I liked the monochrome feeling they create together.  The highlight is the highwaisted skirt named Didge. It is full of the special Baiastice attention to detail that sets it apart. For example, there are three prims, not one, for the skirt. One for each leg and one for the upper tier of the skirt. This makes the skirt look great when you walk and dance and move aroun and keeps it from having that funky sculpty incongruous movement. Other great detailing is the flashes of cream edging peeping out at the bottom and the fitted to perfection belt. It comes in several colors and can be the foundation for countless looks.

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