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Cupid hit me…

Let me tell you how it went.

Yesterday, while doing one of the most exciting activities on SL  – NOT! – the inventory cleaning, I received from Tres Blah the demos of the new skins currently available at the Skin & Shape Expo 2011.

I saw the pictures, I wore a few demos, then Cupid hit me. I mean the Cupid make-up of the new Indie skin.

I had to teleport to the expo and purchase the skin.

Cupid hit me...

Omg I love those soft sensual red lips and and and and the funky eyeliner which comes with the skin in 5 different styles.

Could I resist?

Loving Virtual Decay


One of my favorite places to shoot pictures is Virtual Decay with its grungy urban verisimilitude. It’s just such detailed and high quality build in terms of details. When I tried on these recent releases from Kunglers for Modavia Fashion Week (yes, I know it’s past, but there were too many releases that week to even show a tenth of them) I saw that same high quality detail, particularly in the fabulous Soraia Jacket.

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Very Casual at Cadenza


I was feeling casual and after seeing that fabulous Whippet & Buck yoked t-shirt, I just had to try it out and mixing it with a different shirt just to see if it would work. Shorts from Miel were a perfect casual fit.


I was hanging out at Cadenza – an amazing water build with a small bandshell filled with flowers and a piano from which glowing musical staffs emanate. Continue reading



Sometimes when you see a design you can trace its roots and inspirations in the choices of fabric, color or textures or in the shape and forms it assumes. In this dress from G Sloane Couture, you can see two inspirations at work. The print in the fabric draws pays homage to the fabulous art of Gustav Klimpt. In particular, it reminds me of the Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer though it is clearly not a copy of that dress or his work, but something inspired and re-imagined from memories and admiration for Klimpt’s work.  The form of the dress is very original, with its squared lines and offset angles – and in it I can see the architectural work and Art Deco influence of Frank Lloyd Wright.

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Back to Flashmans

Flashmans was a seedy speakeasy of a club that has recently re-opened – to all our great good fortune. It’s a delightful place – an opium den – a bawdy place and one that demands a certain sort of dress such as this Noir SinSin from LeeZu, with the emphasis on the SinSin.

Flashmans is a place for discreet rendezvous with mysterious women who pass coded messages in whispered conversations at the bar.

Go in the mood to explore and to play – jump on the orbiting dance balls, swing on the cabaret swing or sit on bubbles or smoke some bubbles. It’s a place of wit, whimsy with more than a dash of “cigareets, whiskey and wild, wild women.”

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Another Utopia

This outfit began with the pants from Lelutka that are the perfect mix of fashionable, funky and fun. I love them. They come in several prints and I want all of them but will have to content myself with a couple pair. In typical SL serendipity, I received a lovely fatpack of new tops from eha and their design with the loose, flowing layers is a perfect complement to the pants.

After I finished styling this outfit I knew I had to shoot it at Utopia02 – no energy – by Glyph Graves.  I will paste a short clip from the notecard you can request when you arrive there:

Entropy by Glyph Graves

This is a full sim installation that was created for the Shanghai Expo…There are four statues situated on hills at the source of the rivers. The rivers flow in to a central basin. There is a tree near the centre. Whispering into the tree will start the entropy in the system. The statues will melt/fragment change shape and texture. All the sculptures will freeze and change colour. The statue fragments will flow along the rivers to the central basin where the will assume a entropic pattern swirling. The butterflies near the tree will flutter to the ground. don’t forget to whisper again to restore the state…

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<3 Pink & Green

It’s a very sneezy Tuesday morning, so here’s a quick look at a gorgeous top (body suit) from Baiastice with a sculpted tiered skirt from Ce Cubic Effect. The skirt is quite old and when first released, the use of sculpties was still new and exciting. However, it’s so well done it still exemplifies how well sculpties can be done.

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The Darda dress from Lelutka is a delightful surprise of a dress – though probably not the way you think. If you give it a quick glance, it’s very tailored with an elegant blouse suitable for any boardroom and a skirt that, except for its length, is a beautifully tailored and professional looking style. There’s a lot of elegance in this dress, but those four word “except for its length” matter quite a bit because this is a dress with high cut glitch pants that flash your assets. Surprise!

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