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Fifty of Fifty


Eclectic Wingtips of Eclectic Apparel is having a super sale, putting half of her store on sale at half off. Yes, 50% of the items are 50% off.  Even better, there are a few 1 linden items such as this gorgeous little number to sweeten the pot. What I like best about Eclectic Apparel is that there are great basics, separates that can be combined and mixed and matched and build and extend your wardrobe. This is a stocker-upper sale.

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The World in a Bottle


One of the reasons I love the jewelry at Balderdash so much is that when you zoom in on it, you can find whole new worlds. Take this Bit of Earth Necklace which is lovely and attractive from a distance, but when seen in detail, reveals so much more than you would suppose. Whether you’re zooming in on a pair of earrings and finding some words from a book or tiny shamrocks, the true revelation of Balderdash jewelry is in the fine details. I showed this to a real life friend who was in awe and perhaps, for the first time, really understood the appeal of Second Life fashions. I wore the jewelry with what seems a relatively casual, everyday outfit. Which is what I thought myself, until…
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World's End

I went to the World’s End last night and contrary to most apocalyptic movies, it was lovely. Dressing for the world’s end is a tricky business – do you want to get all Mad Max and ready for anything or do you want to hold fast to your own aesthetic and be at ease? I don’t know the best choice for every world’s end scenario, but for the World’s End build in Second Life, this feminine, soft pastel print dress from e!, or Eclectic Apparel and Accessories.
In the popular parlance of X Y is X, Beautiful sim is beautiful. In the preferred X Y is Z way of saying it Beautiful sim is delightful, delovely and divine.

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