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A Knitted Mess for My Second Box


Somnia released to the group an adorable sweater skirtset for winter called A Knitted Mess that is perfect for casual winter days. Layered to keep you warm, it pairs great with tights or the included leggings, and I added some fun color boots from DUH! Continue reading

Snowy Days

Frostbite Cottage from Trompe Loeil for COLLABOR88

The new FROSTBITE Cottage from Trompe Loeil has been released for Collabor88 and I couldn’t wait to rezz it and see how cozy and wintery it was. I chose the white but there are several color variations and you can opt for frosted windows or not just by touch.

I chose frosted, in RL I live in Atlanta and I miss the wintery cold of the north. Continue reading

A Weekend Off

My Second Life turned into chaos and ruin about a week ago so I decided to say fuck it and went on a little SL Vacay.  But rather than being gone and then returning going ALL IS WELL DING DONG SOUND THE ALARM I parked my AV at a little Christmas village and logged in occasionally to do something random.

Like make snow angels. Continue reading

I Want To Be Honour McMillan

Envy Aims Very High.
~ Ovid

I want to be brave, and go exploring sims, unearthing new places that are exciting and thrilling. I want to take pictures that are breathtaking and drive other people to seek out the gorgeous sites I’m showing them.

But, I get distracted by how cute I am. Continue reading


I’ve been shopping. I can’t help it. Sometimes I have to buy stuff. Horns + Winter Boots = Hooker Horned Beast. At least that’s what I’ve been calling this for the past few days that I’ve been going around like this. Yes, I’ve been dressed like this for three days. And going shopping. I can’t help it. Continue reading

Bubblegum and Poison

It’s time for Bubblegum weekend hair again and I thought what goes better with bubblegum than …..POISON!!!

The Lucrezia ring is a recent release from Bewildebeest. I’ve had it for a bit, but since my good PC is in the shop (motherboard conked out) I was a little hesitant to shoot really intricate jewelry on this old vid card. But I think it shows off the ring ok! Continue reading

Pink Shirt Day:How Bullies Made Me Gidge

posted by Gidge Uriza

When I was in High School, I was plagued by being smart enough to take classes ahead of my own grade level. My sophomore year I ended up in a Senior Level biology class, and had this misfortune to take a seat in the midst of three jock bullies on day one of class.

I should’ve known, should’ve switched seats when I heard one of them whisper “This chick looks smart, let’s get her at our table she can do all the work.”

And our teacher, intimidated by the fact that at 17 years old these mongrols were man sized – turned the cheek as week after week they harrassed and bullied me.  They would steal my work and copy it, break anything of mine they could get their hands on. They’d pull stools out from under me so that I’d fall when I tried to sit down, poke me with pins so that I would move my arm that they could copy my work.

But the most annoying thing they’d do, believe it or not, was call me Gidget at first and then after weeks passed – Gidge. Oh my god their neanderthal brains thought that this was hilarious – as my RL name is Bridgette. THE SHEER WIT OF IT NEARLY COLLAPSED THEM WITH LAUGHTER. Continue reading