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War and Cakes

I invited Gogolita over to play WAR and eat cakes last night. The Liason Collaborative’s THE GARDEN is opening up today and Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil has released a Vintage Diner style kitchenette that’s adorable. Continue reading

Nailed It

Chilly Spring Days

I wanted new poses that would flatter my mesh nails, and so I made one then two then three and I was like oh I might as well make a set, then I was like oh I might as well release them because other people have mesh nails they might like them. Continue reading

Under The Weather And Wandering Aimlessly At Home

Staying In


I am feeling not so hot right now due to a RL injury. Nothing big but it’s enough for a bit of painkillers and to make me feel listless yet tired. My pixel Gidge was the same yesterday wandering around her new Haight Apartment skybox, wondering what to do with herself. Continue reading

Casual Comfort and Joy

in shadow_001

I used to own this book, titled something like How To Live Well When Your Age and Income are UNDER 30. Oddly, it was sort of a lifestyle book for when your career and finances aren’t in keeping with the aesthetics you’d like to embrace.

It gave you advice on how to appear “all together” – always wear at least lipgloss, do you nails – do them yourself it’s cheaper. Wear a scarf, it classes up even a tee shirt. Meet friends for apps vs dinner – it’s cheaper but still conveys that social eating and drinking vibe. It taught you how to hunt for chic, fun things to do within your budget. Continue reading

DIY – lets PAINT!

Tya Fallingbridge of [PM] Pixel Mode has created the CUTEST and very versatile pose prop.  A great prop for those who have a casual outfit to blog… or just to add a great look to your profile pics…. the DIY Painter Prop & Poses.


It has TWELVE poses built in and a multitude of auto rezzing props OR individual props you can wear.

more after the cut
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To The River !

The RiverBecoming a premium member of the Grid is a bit like a time share opportunity. They have these “premium” destinations you can hop off to, for merriment and festivity. Since I’ve always wanted to see what they were like, I decided to pack Sophie off to Auntie Inventory  for the weekend (she loves it there, Aunty Inventory has EVERYTHING) and spend a weekend at The River seeing what all this is.

Some trashy books for reading and comfy clothes – and I was off! Continue reading

Christmas Cuteness

So you want to dress up for the holidays, but don’t want to look twee? Why not wear clothes that look fine all year round but give them a holiday edge with accessories and makeup. I am using these old earrings from Dark Mouse – ones I have worn time and again because the colors can, in the context of the season, add a holiday air to regular clothes, The more explicit holiday expression comes from the Fleur Allure Winter skin with the green shadow and the bold red lips.

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One of these days these boots are gonna …

I don’t think Nancy was thinking of Stiletto Moody’s boots in particular – especially that line “These boots are made for walking” but no matter, these definitely boots made for many things. Look at that heel, look at the sheen, oh yes, these boots are gonna have fun. Continue reading