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The Boiling Point is [42]

posted by Gidge Uriza

I’ll try to keep this on “Everyman’s” Level because you know this SCIENCE stuff? It’s TRICKY!

I’ve got a lot of charts and graphs here that I might have to refer to. Plus – I’ve got a Geiger Counter. And it CLICKS baby. That’s right. If you are radioactive you will NOT be sneaking up on this bloganista. I will know it! And I will refuse to go play Zyngo with you – if you are radioactive. I’m sorry but that’s just a guideline for AVATAR safety! Continue reading

One For JC and The Boys

posted by Gidge Uriza

I decided that there was no better casual Sunday look than a big honkin graphic of the lamb of God to wear with some capri’s.  Why I decided this is simple – I put on these cute capri’s from Artilleri and then searched TOP  in my inventory hunting up something new.


I actually couldn’t remember what these “JC” shirts were from Lelutka but I figured they might do with the capris. Imagine my giggle when the Lord showed up on them. Continue reading

Casual Friday – Oooo Mr Kotter! Pick Me!

posted by Gidge Uriza

So it’s a funny story about my shoes. These stiletto’s from Periquita I picked up the day they were released.  I excitedly took them home and put them on and……

I hated them.

They didn’t fit they looked crazy they were just all wrong. So I jammed them into the back of my closet angrily and went on with my pixel life. But then, when getting dressed I wanted some heels to wear with this t-shirt (only on the grid, right?)…..and I saw these heels …….and decided to give them another try.

You would think an AV over two years old would remember that SOMETIMES the grid is borked and things don’t rezz right, look nuts etc…..and you should always give them a second try. Continue reading

Dressed For Rouge – I'm a Big Hat!

posted by Gidge Uriza

So the question, when going to Rouge for the 1 year anniversary, is really – WHAT TO FECKIN WEAR? I mean, it was a burlesque theme.  So, something sexy, something HAWT was truly in order. But what.

Taps table. Thinks. Lingerie…..it’s just so…….oh hell it’s been done and then some but then what to wear? Continue reading

Jolie Ensemble is Perfect for the 4th Too!

posted by Gidge Uriza

The blue with gold OR silver detailing Jolie ensemble is perfect if you want to salute the July 4th Holiday with a more conservative style. This piece by Kalli Heart Designs is a review bloggers dream – includes earrings and bracelets which are NICE plus LAYERS LAYERS LAYERS.

Did I mention LAYERS? Plus the shirt/jacket/undershirt layer comes in opaque OR sheer 🙂 And you can layer up the sheer version for a “less sheer” look that is still smexy. I’m wearing two layers of sheer in the pic below.

The sheer option on the shirt - Blue with GOLD detail

The sheer option on the shirt - Blue with GOLD detail

I’ve also got the blue version with SILVER detail to show you. Continue reading

Hair Fair Short Hair

I decided to sort the hair by style and show them to you in groups of short, long, updos and so on. This first post shows you some of the short hair at Hair Fair. I actually got several more short hair styles but they were men’s styles and I thought I would rather show you that as a group. Some of these I tinted to get closer to the red I prefer.

Continue reading

New Release and Auction Items at Mer-Elf

My Friend Morgaine is offering this dream of a gown for free to all you Mer-Elf people, and even to all you non Mer-Elf people! Up at her Mainstore now! This is a quickie because I’ve got all this REAL LIFE going on – CAN you believe it?


  • Skin – Free Speerit – Kimberly – Group Gift – FREE (btw Desidelia makes the best ass in SL, check out her skins! Seriously)
  • Hair – Diversity hair -Milly – Lucky Chair Priza
  • Dress – Mer-Elf Freebie!

Also hot and happening at Mer-Elf are TWO charity items I promised Morgain I would share- THESE not free but quite worthy so when you pop by to pick up the freebie, take a gander.

I am told both of these auction items will go POOOOF On Monday June 15th.

Dear Dancien – Happy Birthday

posted by Gidge Uriza

So the lip rings I’m sporting in the pic above were a hunt gift from 42 that I somehow failed to get into the last post. That being said, I figured I would give you a gander since I don’t WEAR facial piercings usually. I’m too delicate lol.

The VIP Hunt Gift from 42 sent me to their store to patronize them further, where I promptly lost my effin mind. Everything in the store is 42 lindens. How did I miss this?

I won’t say I bought everything……..

But I did pick up most of my ensemble for Dancien Graves B-day party there! Including this nutty skin which is just extraordinary and called Galaxies Nebula. I was in a very purple mood the past few days can you tell? Continue reading