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Disco Deals In Another Realm

I am bored shooting in the studio, at least for today, so went roaming at the Mysterious Wave installation where Cajsa went shooting yesterday.

Disco Deals is open and there are some really beautiful and unique things this month! Right now I’m wearing the Lola Rocks shirt from MIAO and the awesome locket necklace also from Miao. It’s got color change on the stone so you can match it with whatever you like, but I was in purple place! Continue reading

….As Long As You Love Me

Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine
I’m leaving my life in your hands
People say I’m crazy and that I am blind
Risking it all in a glance
And how you got me blind is still a mystery
I can’t get you out of my head
Don’t care what is written in your History –
as long as you’re here with me Continue reading

The Disco Deals Are SOOO WIZARD This Month

You can get nearly every thing I am wearing right now at DISCO DEALS for ridiculous cheap, including this AWESOMESAUCE skin from TULI.
Yeah I said TULI.
99L and zomg. Drool.
I’m so literate today.

If you are a fancy girl like me, one of the unsung joys of Disco Deals this month, in addition to all the great deals on awesome stuffs, is that Ibizarre (maker of the gorgeous little black dress above WHICH YOU NEED) has out a palette of free nail polish.

Which you also need. Continue reading

The DISCO DEALS Are Up! 5 Pose Packs for 50L!

Elusyve and I have a been a busy Elf and Barbie making items for the Disco Deals event today.
We’ve each put out one pose set at 50% off – so it’s 50L for Five Poses!
She did a girl set (above) and I did a boy set (below).

You can take a taxi to the Disco Deals Bazaar where you’ll also find AWESOME releases from Sn@tch, Dark Mouse, Somnia, Ivalde, Sable Rose, Miao and Others!

Shopping Time!