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It’s only green.


I’ve been redecorating my little slice of SL heaven, better known as a 1536 plot.  Well I’ve been redecorating it repeatedly actually.  I have an addiction to houses, skyboxes and furniture. At the moment, I’m on the ground.  While putzing around in my new Miel frock, I noticed that it looked nice with my house and land, and so, pictures were born. A couple of things I’d like to call out in the look beside the awesomely fun frock.  My necklace is from tea.s and the headband is the jelly glitter headband from Lark!  Continue reading

I Am Not Throwing this Hat Over the Wall


There is a old saying that goes “if you want to climb a wall, throw your hat over it.” In essence, make a commitment that puts some skin in the game so failure will cost you. That is good advice, Sometimes we need consequences to motivate us. However, I am not throwing this hat over the wall. I am sure I must have some ball cap somewhere that will do. This hat, one of several from Glam Affair for Collabor88, got me digging in my closet to add some zing to the zip of this cute little dress from Hucci, also from Collabor88.


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Back to It

2.4.13_004My quest to make a Linden home adorable is NEVER ending. I had furniture delivered while I was gone, and when I arrived home I have to say I wasn’t disappointed. I picked up the Andel set from Cheeky Pea at Collabor88 and I didn’t get all of it, now I feel silly and will have to do, I’ve reduced my prim count so much that I am reconsidering other furniture now.

I am going to end up with the cutest Linden house ever. I wonder if they have a Home Show? Continue reading

A Not So Quick Dip

A Quick Dip


I have to head back home later today but didn’t want to go without one more dip in the gorgeous waters here.  I brought with me a “not new” yet “still awesome” swim suit from One Bad Pixel, the ringed bikini. It’s perfect for swimming or just being pretty.

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Lazy Days


I am so in love with Hybie’s photo, I hallways don’t want to post and move it from the top of the page. I am lazy today and wanted to wear something comfy and cozy. This fun, loose and comfy top from NYU seems perfect for the day curling up with Anti-Fragile, my current read while marrow bones simmer away, making a rich broth for some risotto. My cat is on my shoulder while I read and I am sure he must have an opinion on the state of the world.


I have an opinion on this top. I love its details that elevate it beyond the t-shirt that it first appears to be. Notice the high cut arm holes, the neat edging on the sleeves and the gorgeous button-down back and lovely sweeping curve of the hem. This is casual, but also chic.

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New And Old

The New Office

My busy Friday started with going over to our new office at Glookbone to check out the studios and the build. Cajsa picked up one of the more lovely buildings at Scarlet Creative for our new office, it’s got great windows for pics so I couldn’t resist firing one off. Love the lights through the blinds. Continue reading

Curio: Party Girl Celebration and Settlement Frustration


Dress by Leverocci

Like many other fashionistas who have long enjoyed and appreciated Gala Phoenix’s skins, I was thrilled to read that a settlement had been reached and Curio’s doors are open once again. To celebrate, Gala released an entire pack of her skins, with all the makeups and all the tones, to her in-world group. What a generous gift, especially in celebration of what must have been a very frustrating process. I think many people are feeling frustrated. I know I have mixed emotions. My celebration that Curio has returned to the grid is tempered by the very real disappointment that the settlement precludes the storybook verdict and vindication that all the courtroom dramas promise us.

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Beep Beep Beep

Beep Beep BeepThis has not been the best morning. I just spent twenty minutes running around this Linden neighborhood looking for my cat. WHERE IS MY CAT? She wasn’t in bed with me like she should be. The Kittycats hud won’t find her. WHERE IS MY CAT? And – somehow, in the night, someone has stolen all of my nail polish.  My entire rack is empty and I know for a FACT I locked the doors. I was not starting out right at all. Plus, I was tired. Continue reading