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Hang in there!


My 7th and 8th grade science teacher had a poster on the wall in his classroom that said “Hang in there, Friday’s coming!” I always thought that was so unrepresentative his real character as he had a passion for teaching and was not marking time waiting for the weekend. I guess I am thinking of him because I am “hanging in there” in this picture taken at Empyreal Dreams.

These planets are at the top of the stardust ribbon leading up from the build. Empyreal Dreams is a fabulous build that honors great works in literature including in this parcel, Les Miserables a book that loomed large in my childhood and was the centerpiece of one of the great conflicts of my elementary education.

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B&W Lozenges?

There are nearly 1 billion people who are hungry at this moment. Not hungry like the hunger we experience when we start to think what we might fix for the next meal, but the kind of hunger that eats away at their insides, consuming muscle mass and making them susceptible to disease. Nearly 800 million people lack access to safe drinking water. Without food and safe water, illness and epidemics have free rein. Every year 10 million children under age 5 die from lack of basic healthcare. More than 6 million could be save from simple, inexpensive therapies such as antibiotics for pneumonia and rehydration for diarrhea. One of the most effective organizations in the battle to save lives is Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Border. For the second year, Chic Management’s Culture Shock event is raising funds to support this life-saving work around the world.
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Culture Shock Without Borders

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Culture Shock is bearing down on you with the force of 1000 Fashionistas all clamoring to get in, to get the new, the exclusive and while they are at it, do a little good by donating to Medecins Sans Frontieres. That’s Doctors Without Borders to you non Francophiles.

As a Second Life community of shoppers, clubbers, gesturetards and so called fashionistas, we are a global community of privilege. Even the most broke ass of us seems to have a reliable high speed internet connection with which to connect to our pixel life and live out whatever our fantasy du jour is. (Mine is to be blonde and skinny. Please catch up.) Continue reading

The Hunger for Mesh


Nyu has released this fabulous new dress for faMESHed, the new monthly mesh event. She made it in five gorgeous colors – and I could not resist the gorgeous green. So, today is the first day of faMESHed and I have been wondering how to pronounce it for some time. Should I take a cue from Otis Redding and think of it as the Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa MESHed event? Or is it Fame Shed as someone boldly asked on plurk. Or, as seems to be the consensus in my totally unscientific plurk poll is it fa-meshed. However you want to pronounce it, it will feed your hunger for mesh, if you’re famished.

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Everything Will Change

I wore this exact outfit the other day as Gidgery Bloom …… but I liked it so much that I thought you might like to see what it looks like on a regular avatar.

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All-Weather Alirium


There’s a reason Alirium is one of the most visited sim in Second Life®. It’s beautiful and at the moment, it’s almost an all-weather sim with its F*R*O*S*T exhibition of beautiful sim-etry. Knowing I would bop from summer to winter in a short second, I dressed for all weather wandering in jeans from Studio Sidhe for Culture Shock layered with a summery top from R.icielli and a jacket from Ivalde.


The walk down the dozens of stairs to the snow fields is lovely, especially on such a bright, sunny day.

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Quick Look: DDStyle for Couture of Hope

I had an adventurous day, making my first trip to the grocery store in over six months. Even though my friend did all the work and I just drove one of those electric go-carts, it still wore me out so this is a quick, short post with not much more than pictures.
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If you go out in the woods today


I adore the Teddy Bear’s Picnic, but sadly I did not catch any in the woods at Villefranche, but I have to say the short path through the trees is a stunning little walk. I am wearing a cute strapless dress from Indie Rose with perhaps the best fitted belt ever made. Well, for me at least. The dress is one of the three Indie Rose made for Culture Shock, so be sure to go check it out and support Médecins Sans Frontières while you’re at it.
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Hello, folks!
Summer is almost here and, obviously, lots of swimsuit collections are being released lately.
I’m going to show you the awesome swimsuit that emily kaestner from [croire] made for the Culture Shock event:

Glamour on the beach

The snakeskin texture and the funky knots add a touch of glamour that makes this swimsuit absolutely different and I also like the back of the lower part, kind of shorts/panties style. I’d like something like that in RL too!

Relaxing walk

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I don’t know what ephidryades are and Google failed me, but one thing I do know, it’s a beautiful dress and the top is as ethereal and delicate as dragonfly wings. I blogged the dress the other day and mentioned I was likely to mix the top up with other items since Sissy Pessoa took care to make the top with a bottom to tuck in. When I saw the skirt from Magoa’s Lilac English Rose dress, I knew I found a great mix and match skirt to wear with it for a shorter option. The skirt has a similar black on black brocade texture that makes a very congruent look. Even better, both are for the Culture Shock fundraiser, so get over there! I went again yesterday and although there were several people there I turned them off so lag did not kill me. Just go to Advance Menu and type in RenderAvatarMaxVisible and lower from the default of 35 to something low like 2 or 3.
UPDATE: Sissy explained that it Ephydryades and means sweet water nymph which totally makes sense when you look at the collar. Continue reading