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The Pixel Gidge at Six

A Night Out with Sasy, Whimsy, and Anessa

I had just wrapped up my FLF shopping when Sasy insisted I come out and be festive for a while. Her suggestion for festive was to start at Bewbapalooza or however it’s spelled. It’s a sale event (I dunno if discounted) for the wearers of the mesh boobs. It’s also carnival themed and Whimsy played the strong man game and won me a popsicle. YAY POPSICLE.

Anessa Stine joined us and fondled her boobs as we wandered around looking at the items.

It was somewhere about that time, that Sasy said “It’s your REZ DAY!”

OMG. It was my rez day and I didn’t even know it. SL Old Age kicks in.

Dream and Believe

We popped over to the Men’s Department sale next and while Whimsy oooo’d over kilts (and the lack of underwear beneath I think) I grabbed the free gift from Handverk – a red scale clutch. There is probably some humor in the fact that the gift at the Men’s Department sale is for women. Or, men who carry a red scale murse. Continue reading