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Fall Colors are Cool Beans

Nothing in the fashion world makes me go MEH faster than a tank top. Oh you made a tank top? Yawn….

Unless it’s cute.

Which I why I like to be the first to show off CUTE tanks when someone takes the time to make something nice, there are just too many really average boring pieces out there for you to MISS something pretty.

Cool Beans has released the Demure Rose tank tops in pretty tones that are perfect for fall. Continue reading

Bubble Gum Weekends QUICKIE

It’s a quickie today while I’m a busy bee in the RL. But did you know that Cool Beans released HAIR? It’s a sweet little do and you know, it came in pink so I was ALL about that.

Ingenue has released the Sedgewick dress which reminds me of Hedgewick and I can’t recall who Hedgewick is. This release is for the Collabor88 event which is either a weekly sale or a monthly sale or a one time event.

I can’t keep them all straight anymore.

Regardless, it’s from Ingenue and that = CUTE regardless.

And with that, I’m out.


Ingenue :: Sedgwick Dress Neon Pink
Ingenue :: Bridget Flats ::
Ingenue :: Sedgwick Tights :: tights :: Neon Pink
[ PXL ] Manicure – Black
Baiastice_Hair base-pink
Baiastice_Ekin eyeshadow- purple
Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Baiastice_Jes lipstick- violet
HAIR::CoolBeans:: Alyssa – Pink Sherbert
Dark Mouse Crystal Cuff (Silver) Left
Dark Mouse Crystal Cuff (Silver) Right
Dark Mouse Statement Ring – Brilliance (Left)
Dark Mouse Statement Ring – Brilliance (Right)

Quicklook: Lotsa Folks….Gato, Cool Beans, [ME], Republic – I Could Go On

This is a quickie because despite trying to find a thing or two or three on marketplace, all I could find were rape shacks and pubic hair.

But, I got inspired by the pretty flowers on the Spring Breeze tank from COOL BEANS and it was a flowery look that came together.

I love the store name. One of my best friends says COOL BEANS so much, that we added Beans to her name – constantly calling her CHRISTA-BEANS.

I’m sure that never bothered her AT ALL.


Style Notes:

It’s another fancy day where I do it from memory….let’s GO

  • Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
  • Skin – Belleza – Melissa
  • Hair – [me] – London
  • Top – Cool Beans – Spring Breeze in Green
  • Skirt – Gato – Bollywood Skirt
  • Shoes – Republic – Flower Power Flats
  • Poses – STaTUS – Hunny – Long Hair Poses