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Edit This!

Edit This

I got an offline message the other day that said, “Gidge Uriza has offered you ‘STATUS Edit This’ in Second Life. Log in to accept or decline the offer.” Hmmmm. I had to give her a call to find out what she was sending me to edit and what she wanted done, but it turned out that is the name of her new pose set she just released. I had to laugh, because truly, Gidge so loves to edit that I am surprised I haven’t received things with that name a hundred times. Anyway, I was reveling in my love for the new Mignon top from Ingenue, so I tossed on another color and then picked out this gorgeous skirt from coldLogic to wear with it.

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There will always be Starkadders at Cold Comfort Farm


I swear there is a reason this blog title makes sense. You see, I am featuring a few items from faMESHed (pronounced fa-MESHED) which my mind always reads as Fame Shed. Personally, I think the organizers should just go with it and put a few hay bales out and maybe a cow. A nice chich cow, like a Guernsey or a Jersey. One of those cows with eyeliner and long lashes. Because one thing you will find at faMESHed is chic.

Still my mind hops from faMESHed to Fame Shed to Shed to Cold Comfort Farm and well, if you saw it, you know where my mind went next…

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Sun in the Fun

Wedding Finery

These sunny shorts from ColdLogic will be bringing the sun to the fun this weekend. I love their crisp styling and ice cream colors and the beautiful narrow belt that comes attached to them. Whether you wear the pink, blue, melon or this sunshine fresh yellow, you will be looking sharp and ready for fun in the sun – even if you’re painting the garden shed.
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Coolness in Mayfair :)

Hello 🙂

Yesterday i went to explore Mayfair, the first all mesh sim in SL and i liked it so much i decided to take a few snaps. So, what else do you need when you have a beautiful location and you’re in the mood for some niiiiiice pictures? You need appropriate clothes and accessories to match the coolness of the place, of course!
And i knew what to wear.

Spending the noon in Mayfair

Exploring Mayfair

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Hint Hint


I have been shooting some pictures for Gidge – vendor photos for her new releases for the upcoming Culture Shock 2012 event benefitting MĂ©decins Sans Frontières.  She’s still working away busily on even more pose prop options, but I got her permission to give you little peeks. For the vendor ad and this post, I wore the incredibly hot Cigarette Pants from One Bad Pixel. I chose the peach because it’s one of my favorite colors and a color that looks flattering on nearly everyone.

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I have no title, but today is just the day and is that lightbulb out? Meanwhile, the weekend awaits.

Meshed up

Sometimes I have my pictures shot and everything ready to post and I paste in the bit of code from Flickr® for my first picture and come to a dead stop, tripped up by lack of a title or any sort of idea for the post. It’s then that I envy those bloggers who started out numbering their posts. I could just call this 1643 and be done with it. Instead, though, I resorted to that best of all places for help, advice and suggestions, the much-maligned world of Plurk. Within minutes I had plenty of ideas. I think the first idea was to let my cat choose my title.

Plurk is sort of like Twitter in that it is based on 140 character plurks of information, but unlike twitter, all responses hang into a single plurk drop-down window on your timeline. It has a large contingent of Second Life users and unlike so many other social media, embraces Second Life exuberantly. You can have your pseudonymous avatar account, no questions asked. You can even list your home as Second Life and Second Life has its own special front page. Because it has such a large cross-section of Second Life, it brings people from many different walks of SLife together. Anytime you have lots of people in the public square, folks will bump shoulders and have a dispute here and there. That’s human nature and is not caused by Plurk, but by the gravitational pull of the numbers of participants. However, Plurk provides all the tools we need to avoid conflict. It’s just that we choose not to mute, block and disregard. As Cassius said, “The fault, Dear Brutus, is not in the stars. But in ourselves…” Plurk is what you make it and I have found it a wonderful community of brave, bold and creative people.
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The lion sleeps tonight


I stopped by a new-to-me sim called Africa, complete with a Kilimanjaro inspired mountain and lots of safari animals. That gorgeous sweater is from E! - Eclectic Apparel

In the jungle, the mighty jungle
The lion sleeps tonight
In the jungle, the quiet jungle
The lion sleeps tonight
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