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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.05


Did I mention that Ava and Barbara Kungler frequently take their inspiration from their native Brazil, drawing color, form and substance from the flora and fauna. This gown from their fall collection released at Modavia Fashion Week yesterday is a perfect example of that. Using a bird and foliage print could so very easily look old-fashioned and kitsch, but not with the modern sensibility of Kunglers.

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.03


Continuing with the funk meets fashion collection from Bliss Couture, I have fabulously stylized low-rise denim jeans with bell bottoms so side you can hide the 1970’s in them.  Add the puffy fake fur jacket and gauntlets and you can hide a good share of the 60’s as well. She’s giving us more of what we’re funking for.

So wide can’t get around it
So low you can’t get under it.
One nation under a groove. 

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