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Funny Thing About My Inventory

Things keep disappearing and reappearing. Case in point, awesome cute jewelry from Caroline’s. Saw it in my offlines. Logging in, it didn’t deliver. Sad face. Forgot about it.

Searching for jewelry while styling – THERE IT IS! YAAAAAAY!! Continue reading

Bitches Love…Slushies

It’s true. I’m a full fledged slushie addict. Personally, I find the brain freeze you get with it to be one of the most painfully satisfying experiences on the planet. I like to scream and writhe in pain, all the while considering how delicious and cold that next drink is going to be.

I’m weird like that. Continue reading

I Am Slightly More Dressed This Morning – I Put On Earrings

This morning I am excited to tell you that in addition to all the other good things launching today, the Lo Lo Cafe Coffee Break starts today! YAAAAY!
Caroline’s Jewelry will be featuring her beautiful Cabochon Chandelier earrings!
A girl with a graceful neck can never have too many chandelier earrings.
I have a pet peeve in RL – Earrings should never be so heavy that they DRAG down your ear lobes. I don’t know why, it just looks gross and tacky to me. Continue reading

Cajsa Copycat

It only takes a few cotton candy cosmos and a bottle of cheap fruity wine to make me decide to blog exactly the same dress as Cajsa just blogged.

Because I’m funny like that.

I had the sense to pick out a different color of Baiastice’s NORA dress which is a limited edition piece of the CHIC event, whose theme is Sweet and Sour. I can’t decide which this retro inspired cocktail dress is. I’m always sweet, so that must be it. It’s sweet. Or it could be sour as I could imagine desperate cougars wearing this about trying to look young and beautiful like me. Continue reading

The Outfit The Asset Server Tried to Eat

So we all had to sign the new TOS the other day. There was a lot of grousing on Plurk but really, I didn’t give a flip. I am one of those people who doesn’t read it. I just don’t care. Whatever, I’m not supposed to have sex with the teens right? Something like that? This post is not about the TOS. This post is about how suddenly the grid went wonky on me.
I tried logging into the TPV Phoenix – and the new TOS wouldn’t come up. Now – that didn’t actually matter to me because I wasn’t gonna read it, however, I couldn’t click the YES I AGREE to whatever nutfuckery you’ve put into writing.
Growling, I closed Phoenix and opened the EVIL regular viewer. Continue reading

This One Is For Caroline…

posted by Gidge Uriza

Caroline’s Jewelry has the distinction of being the FIRST thing I ever bought because I saw it on the feeds.

It was this necklace. Which has appeared in numerous lingerie posts, because it always inspires a TAKE ME TO BED OR LOSE ME FOREVER sort of attitude in me which I cannot explain. Continue reading