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A Blonde Arrives In NY

I have a love/hate relationship with hotels. They’re so crisp and clean (if you stay at a nice one). They’re places for peace, and space, and relaxing. Usually, I’m in one because of recreation but this time it’s for work. I’ll be away from my love and family for days. Continue reading

Did Someone Say Grayed Rainbow?

If you get the number of subscribo notices I do, you spend a lot of time going, “Next, Next, Next, Boring, Template, Next, Next….” and deleting them without RUSHING out to acquire what it is you’ve been offered. Call it ennui, call it being an oldbie but it’s a bit hard to get more all that motivated beyond “oh cute.” Continue reading

Funny Thing About My Inventory

Things keep disappearing and reappearing. Case in point, awesome cute jewelry from Caroline’s. Saw it in my offlines. Logging in, it didn’t deliver. Sad face. Forgot about it.

Searching for jewelry while styling – THERE IT IS! YAAAAAAY!! Continue reading

Bitches Love…Slushies

It’s true. I’m a full fledged slushie addict. Personally, I find the brain freeze you get with it to be one of the most painfully satisfying experiences on the planet. I like to scream and writhe in pain, all the while considering how delicious and cold that next drink is going to be.

I’m weird like that. Continue reading