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OooOOoo Pretty Colors!!

 FRIIIDDAAAYYY!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!! hahaha soooo Happy Friday everyone!! Oki.. in this post I put together 2 things I love!! The new skin Aiko from -Belleza-.. It’s just so pretty.. annnnddd the sim Tableau.. not only does it have some amazing stores.. Soooo damn colorful and bright and yea!! Just all around beautiful! 🙂 See!!…

I knoooww this is a quick fast post so lets get to a close up on mah LOTD shall weeeeee?

YAYAYAYYAYAYA!! I hope you all have an ammmaazziinnggg weekend!! and I will see you soon ladies and gents!! <33333333

Skin – -Belleza- – Aiko
Eyes – .ID. – Light Sensitive
Ears – .ILLUSORY. – Elven Ear – b3
Tats – [HUZ]– Dark Floral
Hair – >TRUTH< – Cassandra
Shirt – [Avoid] – Die
Vest – *BOOM* – Mini Vest
Shoes – UBU – PornStar Lo-Tops
Belt – Maitreya – Old Leather Belt
Necklace – ~Pepper~ – Key Necklace
Bracelets – /artilleri/ – Lulu bracelet

Location – Tableau

Oiiiee! Hi there! :)

Elllllllooooooooo!!!!!!!! Happy Monday!! This week is so going to be a short one for me!! This is one of my 4 posts you will see this week cause as of Thursday evening.. I am on vacation and have a friend coming to town.. soooo no blogs for me for about 2 weeks.. BUT! onto my LOTD shall we? Sooooooooo I get through the photos and then get all my credits together to get some horrible news about Hyper Culture.. I guess I am slow on the news that they closed down awhile ago!! This makes me very sad-faced… I loved their clothing.. But! At least I already owned like everything from there! HA! but Since I took the pic.. I thought I would still blog it!! I hope you guys enjooyyyy!! 😀 <3333

Annnnnyy wayyyyss!! I hope like.. anndd I hope you all have an amazing Monday and I will see you tomorrowwww!! Much love and kisses!! xoxo <3

Skin – -Belleza- Erika
Tats – [HUZ]– Dark Floral
Piercings – <- Pierce Of Mind -> – Fluffy V2 (modded)
Eyes – Poetic Colors – Beryll
Ears – .ILLUSORY. – Elven Ear – b3
Hair – >TRUTH< – Mariska
Shirt – HC – Victorian Mini (Store Closed)
Pants – *Linc* – Low Rise Asscrack Jeans
Shoes – Maitreya Gold – Hana Black Leather
Arm Warmers – * [CALYPSO GIANO]  – Knitted Half
Belt – .:Hermony:. – LuckyDeath
Glasses – ::Solar Eyewear:: – ATRIA
Necklace – – .HoD. – The Crosary

When Skulls Go Cute

I seriously dislike logo clothing and accessories. Dislike is probably too mild a term, loathe is more accurate. If you cannot recognize good quality design and construction without a billboard announcing it, well that’s sad. If you don’t know that good quality and construction comes in many different price ranges, that’s even sadder. I am puzzled by the popularity of Louis Vuitton’s classic bag. If they want me to carry their advertising, they can pay portage. Give me Biasia, Isobella Fiore or Bottega Veneta anyday. So, you know I have to really love this razorback shirt to wear something with such a huge logo on the front. And I do love it, it’s cute, fresh and fun…and is on every layer.

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