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Sail Away, Ladies!



Summer fashions often feature the crisp red, white and blues of nautical fashion.  U.F.O.’s gorgeous little top for Collabor88 put me in mind of that with its white stripes. The top comes with a HUD allowing the wearer to choose an array of colors for the straps and so of course I chose red. U.F.O. also made matching skirts in several shades of denim, each with a print option with lips all over it.  I think the outfit is adorable, which is why it was worth the trouble it took to get it to fit.

I had one difficulty with this outfit in that I had to do a lot more than minor tweaks to my shapet. I had to significantly reduce my body fat and shoulder width, all trying to reduce the size of my arms so they fit the sleeves. I don’t mind adjusting a shape a little for a brand, though. I simply save a copy with the brand name, so I will have it on hand the next time I wear something from them. So now I have a new Cajsa UFO shape tucked away in my shape folder.  Continue reading

RC Cola and a Moon Pie


With the lovely hat from Bliss Couture and the sleek pencil skirt, everything about this outfit is so very chic, but the polka dots and the bright cherry red point me toward rockabilly. In fact, RC Cola and a Moon Pie ran through my head the entire time I was blogging.

I don’t want no cornbread
And I do love peas and rice
And I don’t want no carrots
No real hot pizza slice

But everything’s gonna be alright
With an RC Cola and a Moon Pie

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This fun sundress from Ingenue for Vintage Fair had me reaching for some rockabilly and the incomparable Wanda Jackson. Some people say she is the female Elvis, but frankly, Elvis is the male Wanda Jackson.

Oh, great good golly, he thrills me so
When the apple of my eye whispers in my ear
I get real speechless and I act so shy
And all I can say is neenie-neenie-ny
I get tongue tied, ooh
I get tongue tied, yeah
I go, well ah-ah-ah…
What I’m tryin’ to say is
I love you, yeah!


I added so stockings from League which are super sexy with their garters and the hot Pinup Pumps from N-Core.

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I love Lana, the new mesh dress from Baistice. It comes in 6 fabulous color combinations and has lovely details such as the ribbon strap on the top which I mention since my hair is covering it up. The denim fabric is a great, practical fabric for travel and running around shopping. I like the polka dot belt with the read buckle – and decided to highlight it by wearing red accessories. Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice has a keen eye for details and this dress is a great example of her skill.
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Hello Down There


I stopped by China the other day and saw a couple TP points I had not noticed before that can take you to the China Boat or the China Square. I decided to take a look at China Square and discovered a modern, urban industrial setting with a touch of futurism. It seemed just perfect for the outfit I was wearing – the Emmanuelle catsuit from Kunglers.


The suit has beautiful lines as the seams contour down the torso and so does China Square. I love the brilliant lighting that creates the mood of a busy city.
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Back to the Jersey Shore


The Jersey Shore is such a fun sim, I had to run back for some more shots. As you can see, I am standing by The Hammer on the Midway – waiting for some guy to come along and impress me. Sadly, the sim was noticeably man-free that day. I guess I will have to hit the Hammer myself. So long as I don’t get any grease on my summer white little skirt from Whippet & Buck. It’s amazing how filthy those hammers get when they aren’t hitting anything other than the game.

Honestly, the Duck Hunt is more my speed. I always liked the Duck Hunt even though I understood the game was rigged and there might not even be one winning duck in the mix. That doesn’t matter when I have such winning shoes as these square-toed shoes from G. Field. With a touch script to change the trim and to turn off the version 1 invisiprims, these shoes are style and inventory win!
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Knock Knock

It was just happenstance that I was at the Help Japan Event when I read the invite from Achariya to come participate in the final hurrah photo for her blog. It said the them was orange. I like orange and could have pulled from inventory, but I was already looking at this dress for the fundraiser. New, orange and lindens for Japan. Perfect.
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