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Color Me Cashmere

Cashmere – the must luxurious and sensuous of knits. It is the epitome of YUM and PixelDolls have been doing cashmere right.

But first, let me just say something about PixelDolls because they along with Digit Darkes and Nyte & Day have a special place in my heart. They were the first three stores I shopped at after Gidge rescued me the day I met her and showed me there was more to Second Life than freebie dungeons.

Yes, she rescued me. I was so dumb I walked under a ramp and got stuck and couldn’t figure out why I could not move and this sweet woman said, “I think you are trying to walk through a wall, dear.”  Continue reading

The "It" Dress

The bandage dress that Herve Leger sprang on the world back in 1989 remains the ideal dress to highlight the feminine form. Clearly the Cleo dress from Cachet, though vastly different, has its roots in that iconic dress. Like the bandage dress that used the weaving of dyed bandages to create the sexiest, most form-fitting dresses on the runways, the Cleo’s bodice shows the intricate weaving of bandage strips that cling and cling and cling – revealing everything and nothing. To me, it’s the sexiest dress on the grid.

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Sympathy and Trust Abounding

I enjoyed the Hair Fair – I loved the bloggers’ sneak peek on Thursday night though spent too much time dancing and too little time looking considering that we only had a bit over an hour.  Going back primless and fancy free, though, I managed well enough to find some great hair. That includes this other find from Exile.  The most exciting thing about Hair Fair is the new-to-me hair designers I find there, or in this case, forgotten. How could I have forgotten, where was my head?  Certainly not in this luscious hairdo – not until the Hair Fair, that is.

Look at that braid – now have you ever seen such an excellent braid in Second Life before?  My avatar jumped up and down and kicked her heels in the air and did assorted and sundry other expressions of delight when that hair rezzed…it’s yummy. Continue reading

Welcome to the Studio, Part Two

The first post showed you the lobby, the portfolio room and my office – all rather presentable work spaces – nothing like the messy and always busy work room. Not only are there four working photographers using the space, but we have frequent self-help photographers, mostly bloggers and content creators. We have even had photographers from other studios borrow the equipment for a night or two while working out some performance issue or another. To dress it up a bit, I decided to wear the other half of the Cachet outfit (the pants in Pt. 1) which consists of a a shiny silk top and skirt with delicate gold fans like seed pods. With the skirt you can see the marvelous Marie shoes from Tesla. Behind me, you can see the shelves of pose balls and pose props that are strewn across the east end of the studio, convenient to the photospheres. Continue reading

Welcome to the Studio…part one

Among all the wanderings around SL® that I have photographed, I realized I have not shot any photos for you of my photo studio – MDR Photo Studio.  In this photo taken in the studio lobby, I am wearing a mash-up of Cachet, Ce-Cubic Effect and you can also see a touch of Earth & Sky lingerie – purchased, I believe, at the Lingerie Expo.  Many folks drop by to look at our portfolios – but also to try out the different photo studios to see what they like or to pick up our list of great sites for photo shoots, so if you’re in the neighborhood, drop on by. Continue reading

Caught in Amber

The fabric on this Mariah dress from Cachet is exquisite. The intricately worked deep gold pattern against the subtle rose background gives it such depth and style that it is irresistable. The lovely lace edging on the hem seems to move it toward romanticism, but it is drawn back by the sharp contrast of the simple lines of the bodice – successful straddling that divide between severe simplicity and romantic femininity. This sort of bold style is typical of Cachet and makes for fun and interesting outfits.

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I Louvre It

posted by Gidge Uriza

Design constraints being what they are, I’m always charmed when I run into something different in the world of clothing. Whether it’s construction, texture, or a combination of the two – it’s fun to see how creative people can be within the contraints of PS and The World.

This dress from Cachet caught my eye on my first trip to the store. One of a series – I loved the glowing texture which seems to radiate warmth and shine. It was difficult to pick a color – but I chose Jodie at the Louvre and packed up my new purchase. Continue reading

Grace by Cachet

Back View

This is a dress I got just to show off these pearls from Muse. Yes, the dress is elegant and gorgeous, but it’s all about the pearls. The thing is, folks, you have to appreciate the craft that lead to the design of a  dress that is beyond perfect for showing off elegant jewelry.

More photos on Flickr

Photographer/Model: Cajsa Lilliehook
Shape: melli2 by hatchy
Skin: Este Valentina by Imagen
Eyes: Soulful Hazel by IC Eyes
Hair: Jojo by Calico Creations
Necklace: Margaux Draped Pearl Necklace (white pearl/gold clasp) By Muse
Earrings & Bracelet: Claris Pearl in Gold By Muse
Dress: Grace by Cachet

Shoes: Metallic Pumps by Detour