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Loss and Rabbicons

I went to go through Bryn Oh’s Installation as I had not seen the story of the Rabbicorn yet.  If you had asked me “Have you seen all the Bryn Oh installations?” I would have said well DUH yeah of course, what am I a barbarian”” But in fact, I recently realized I had not seen THE RABBICORN.  So I had to amend that ASAP today.

The Tower has obstacles.

I had forgotten the story of the girl who was lost and remade, so I had to walk through that story again so that part two would make sense. I was again struck by the journey up the tower and it’s final destination, the reminder of nightmares that I’ve had desperately trying to reach something only to find the echos of loss and reminders of the past at the end.

Once it is lost, it is gone.

I was reminded again of the sadness of this build, of the dreams lost and the heartbreak within it. I won’t ruin it. You need to see and experience this place yourself. I think I chose to forget. It just hits me that hard.

But the rabbicorn gave me hope. The rabbicorn was built for love and happiness, only to give love wherever it went.

Tick tok rabbit.

I loved the next part of the story and even as the rabbicorn had to flee, I knew where she was going. 

A happy ending?

The rabbicorn found the girl in the tower, tangled in vines.Her heart whirred to life full of love. 

I knew she was going there all along.  I knew that no matter where the Rabbicorn went, she would go to the girl to save her from being so alone and lost.

I wish I had my own rabbicorn.

If you have not seen the build and are interested in the story, here it is. You can visit it in world at Immersiva. 


Gide Is wearing:

Skin: Pink Fuel

Purse: ((LovelyAlien))Teacup Purse – A
Rings: Amala – The Lumi Rings – Maitreya
Hair: Exile:: The Idea of Her
Shoes: Ingenue :: Anna Heels (Maitreya) :: Fatpack
Dress: neve gift – FaMESHed Anniversary 2019 Lara

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The Object of a Proposition
The Object of a Proposition spotlights The Chamber – a social club in Second Life for those who want to spice their life up considerably. It’s a far cry from the sex clubs of noobery.

Oh the Places You'll Go

It is a little intimidating to profile Bryn Oh. She’s well-known and has been written about in the New York Times and Vogue of France and many other places. The challenge was to find something new to say. I hope I succeeded in Oh, the Places You’ll Go.

the Singularity of Imogen

In the Singularity of Imogen, I wrote about Bryn Oh’s current installation Imogen and the Pigeons and how it explores one of the vital questions of today’s society – the singularity and what it means for our world.

Gretchen and Teddy


Here I am heading out for a short foray of exploration. I brought along a tote bag in case I picked up some eggs, wheat or butterfly milk along the way. I noticed in the Destination Guide that there was a new exhibit from Bryn Oh and you know as well as I do that they are not to be missed. I wanted to look really chic since there’s usually a few people watchers so I tossed on this lovely outfit from Jador. It’s a gorgeous fall skirt suit and the work on it is really great. Look how beautifully the plaid matches up at the seam. The creator provided an alpha mask for the breasts so you needed spend a lot of time fitting if you don’t mind your breast size determined by the outfit – though with a jacket, the bust always seems flatter the more you layer in any world.

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