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Ringing In The New Year In BlueBlood

My cousin Ghanima recently released CASSIS in a mini rainbow of dark and moody colors. I decided to wear the darkest and moodiest color of them ALL, black, to start out my new year.
Cassis comes in two skirt styles and as always lots of bits and pieces which lets you choose exactly what combo fits the look you are going for. Continue reading

Blogging My Bedroom Floor 7:BlueBlood

They say you mistreat your family because they have to love you anyway and I’m guilty of having tossed my cousin Ghanima’s items out on the floor with good intentions of having blogging them for the past few weeks. But I’m lazy and ridiculous on a good day, and so her things have languished while I flitted around like the airhead that I am.
In the spirit of continuing to clean however, I opened up some boxes from her today.
And ooooo I like what I found.

Calendula comes in both White Goth – which made me think of CANDY As you can see, and regular old Black as my Soul Goth, both in several colors.

I love this dress it might be one of my favorites that Ghanima has made recently.

Ok so that’s a few more boxes off my bedroom floor. I need to do an update picture, don’t I?

Style Notes:

  • Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
  • Skins – Frick – Top – Fae. Bottom – Blood Lolly in Goth
  • Hair – Truth – Diana (both)
  • Dresses – BlueBlood – Top White Goth. Bottom – Goth
  • Poses – Gesticulate

Blogging My Bedroom Floor DAY TWO – BLUEBLOOD

posted by Gidge

Next up on the bedroom floor roundup is Collette from BLUEBLOOD. I’ve opted to wear the min skirt vs. the Loli skirt but it comes with both options.

Why is there lightning in this picture?

I have no idea.

Am I really supposed to combat the forces of nature just to bring you fashion?

Style Notes:

  • Skin – FRICK
  • Hair – EXILE
  • Dress – Blueblood
  • Collar – Sn@tch

Had To Have It Stuffs

posted by Gidge Uriza

I am enough of a princess to love the girly skirts my Uriza cousin Ghanima creates on a regular basis. But today I’m excited to show you a couple of other things that are new to me & are exceedingly festive!

My friend Hybie has a little hair shop called TENDRILS and she has made hairs! I chose the most white/platinum shades for fun and only picked up a couple, but I really liked the selection at her little show. Boutique hair FTW! Continue reading

Ethereal Fangitude

I always have the best time styling Blueblood releases. I probably take longer on them than almost anyone, because I am always trying to Barbie-doll them to be ironic or step out of my pink Mattel box and take them in a different direction than my comfort zone requires.

Just as I can rave about how Sascha Frangilli gives me oodles of options in my ballgowns (just see previous posts from me AND Cajsa- raving is aplenty) Ghanima Uriza (my favorite Uriza cousin)rocks my world as far as styling options for her releases. I’d be hard pressed to really shoot them all.

Yes. I Bite.

Style Notes:
***Bold R Indicates a Review or Promotional Copy***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape
  • Hair – Exile – Adam – Blueberry R
  • Eyes – Pixel Creations – Glow Eyes – Fate
  • Skin – ElfPyre – Queens of Rot -Anemic + Glam in the Grime
  • jewelry – GANKED – Suri – Peacock Earrings R
  • Clothes – Blueblood – Ethereal in Blue & Green R
  • Shoes – GOS – 8 hole Docs

Mutant Baby Animals For Easter!

posted by Gidge Uriza

My festive Uriza Cousin Ghanima, the creator at BlueBlood has released a set of dresses that might just be the perfect Easter Dress for those of you not of a chiffon and flowers inclination.

Mutant Baby Animals anyone? Each dress comes with two in the folder and trans properties on one (or both, fsss I forget) so you can SHARE the goodness with a friend. And you have a lovely choice of TYPE of mutant baby animal! Would you like a chicken flower,or a cow bear? What about a Sheep bunny? Continue reading

Black Goth/White Goth What's Your Flavor?

posted by Gidge Uriza

Delia, the new release from Blueblood was dropped on me by my now favie Uriza Cousin Ghanima and I couldn’t decide which version I liked better, the black or white goth – so I decided to bring you the purple of each.

It’s a very festive take on a man’s pantsuit complete with frills and a stylized mutton leg sleeves to lend a more girly and vintage look to the styling. I’m wearing some of my favorite big clunky shoes – the Baby Jane Heels from Sn@tch. Which, in my mind, continue to be the Typhoid Mary Heels and I don’t know why. I may have to rename them in my inventory just to be able to find them. Continue reading

Do The White Goths Only Stab Others For Good?

Posted by Gidge Uriza

You know the saying, EMO PEOPLE WANT TO STAB THEMSELVES, GOTH PEOPLE WANT TO STAB YOU – well after I got the latest White Goth – Sophie release from BLUEBLOOD this got me wondering. What are the White Goth’s up to? Reading Martha Stewart instead of Keats? Smoking E- Cigs instead of clove?

The Sophie dress comes in several pastel accented colors with a gorgeous white theme all over,including gloves and hose. Continue reading