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I adore the name of the bracelets and earrings I am wearing today. They are by Ganked for the Accessory Fair and are called Goldblooded – and with that blood orange color, they seriously could not have a more clever name if a panel of naming experts had been convened. I am wearing them with a dress from Sysy Chapman that I picked up at her RFL Clothing Fair booth that really shows off the jewelry. The necklace from the set was not such a good fit with this bodice, so I opted for one from Couture Tres Chapeau that almost becomes an extension of the dress.

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So last night was the Vaudeville/Burlesque party at The Deck and Sasy took pictures.  I wore this adorable La Biche Corset Dress from Dolita, though I added a skirt to it that you can see after the cut. It’s another great find at Designers United Vaudeville.

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It's Not White

Chance Greatrex of DARE sent me some poses as a lovely Christmas present – a new set called White. I asked his inspiration and he said the poses were inspired by the color white – that he wanted a couture elegance that was clean and high fashion. That’s from memory, so it’s just a paraphrase. I thought the poses certainly achieved his goal.  However, I was wearing this at the time and informed him that his poses work perfectly with red and black as well.

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Creator, Preserver & Destroyer

Annyka Bekkers just does the most stunning work. So stunning, she actually got me into a shirt with a picture on it. I love prints and all, but abstract and geometric prints – not representational. So it takes something really special to make me want to wear it. However, this shirt of Devi, the Great Goddess – the trinity of Creator, Preserver and Destroyer did the trick.  I love the colors, I love the artwork and how it is not lost in the expansion and contraction of the fabric over the shape. That is quality texture work, something that you can depend on with anything from Blowpop.

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Quick Look: Mr. Poet

I love this sweater. I have one like it in RL and it’s so warm and cozy. It’s my go-to-sweater for those fall events when the weather is just cool enough to need something, but not cold enough for a coat. It’s thick enough that I can wear it in the Oregon rain without getting wet. You don’t get wet when it rains all day and accumulates 2/hundredths of an inch, so it keeps me warm, dry and cozy. Now I have the perfect sweater for visiting those misty, rainy sims.

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Sweater Dresses are Hot For Fall!

posted by Gidge Uriza

I was headed to THE VELVET to dance my heart out with Cajsa during our friend Maht’s Sunday set when this great sweater dress was dropped on me from Linc. It comes in an array of colors and they’ve done a nice job with the skirt prim.

It was a nice Sunday afternoon kind of dress to club in. Plus it’s wintery cozy – I love the big oversized collar on it.  It would also look great with slacks (expect to see it that way!)

So I let my hair down and danced the afternoon away with Cajsa.

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Babes in the woods

Here it is Halloween and I have not posted one costume. This is not actually a costume, either, but a lovely Victorian Lace nightgown that could be worn year round. However, something about it reminds me of the most frightening of Mother Goose rhymes, Babes in the Woods:

My dear do you know,
How a long time ago,
Two poor little children,
Whose names I don’t know,
Were stolen away
On a fine summers day,
And left in a wood,
As I’ve heard people say,

Poor babes in the wood! poor babes in the wood!
Oh! don’t you remember the babes in the wood?

And when it was night,
So sad was their plight,
The sun it went down,
And the moon gave no light!
They sobbed and they sighed,
And they bitterly cried,
And the poor little things,
They lay down and died.

Poor babes in the wood! poor babes in the wood!
Oh! don’t you remember the babes in the wood?

And when they were dead,
The robins so red
Brought strawberry leaves,
And over them spread;
And all the day long,
The branches among,
They mournfully whistled,
And this was their song;

Poor babes in the wood! poor babes in the wood!
Oh! don’t you remember the babes in the wood?

The nightgown from Studio Sidhe is such an iconic gown that would be appropriate for so many interpretations. I could imagine it as Mina’s gown in Bram Stoker’s Dracula or the nightie that Anne of Green Gables wore when reenacting the Lady of Shallot on the pond. I can see Jo March and her sisters wearing it, too. But, it’s Halloween and this gown reminds me of the heartbreaking illustration of Babes in the Woods from my childhood Illustrated Mother Goose and the little white  nightie worn by the little girl.

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Blowpop in Exile – With Pudding from Sascha's Designs

posted by Gidge Uriza

I shot so much when doing the shoot for this dress from Sascha’s Designs – that I forgot what it was I was highlighting. The dress? The hair? The skin?

I couldn’t decide – there fore this post must be about them all.

The gorgeous ballgown is yet another brilliant offering from Sascha’s Designs, replete with a host of skirt options, shawl, jacket and top options that make purchasing just one color of this dress an outfit for several nights over. I chose to show you this beautiful peach because I was in a fall mood – but it comes in a rainbow of jewel tones that I can’t say enough about.  They’re like candy.

As always the ballgown skirt option from Sascha has gorgeous movement – those of you who love the ballroom scene know how annoying it is to get a great big old gorgeous skirt that doesn’t move worth a damn-  obviously no issue here! Continue reading

Goodnight Moon

I love the cool light of the moon illuminating my shots and frequently shoot in the moonlight. Nonetheless, while shooting this fabulous outfit from Dutch Touch, the song running through my head was Goodnight Moon, the anthem of the scared-of-the-dark crowd.  Perhaps it’s because of the Kill Bill 2 soundtrack. The strong look of the dress, the options of black, red or gray (shown) and the tough girl look of the dress have just a bit of the edge that might have someone sleeping with guns, a blade by the bed and a phone in hand.

Well goodnight moon
I want the sun
If its not here soon
I might be done
No it wont be too soon til I say
Goodnight moon

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