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Misali Moonlight

Baiastice Veronica

So I went looking for a lovely place to shoot and found Misali – a gorgeous water sim with small islands that hold lovely little set pieces perfect for the SL photographer. Since I was wearing the purple and sapphire dress and jacket outfit from Baiastice I decided to use the lovely Purple Moonlight windlight setting from Elysium Elide. I love the dress and the jacket and like them together, though this does highlight one of the reasons I have not become a 100% supporter of mesh. I would love to have them as separate pieces, but unlike system clothing, mesh separates can be difficult to fit together. Some strategies I have used to make mesh separates work is to wear a M under and an L on top, though that does not always work. That’s why designers like Baiastice’ Sissy Pessoa make the outfits in one unified mesh instead of separates. It makes them work together perfectly, adjusting to your poses and preventing all intersections, but it does reduce our opportunity to make individualist styling choices.

Baiastice Veronica

Or maybe we just have to dig a little deeper to come up with new ways to add our own quirks and options. Here, I added the collar and sleeve fur pieces from a Bliss Couture jacket. I decided to tie the jacket more directly to the dress, adding the accents in the sapphire color of the dress.

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Money Can't Buy You Class


One of my favorite people from my childhood was the local piano and music teacher who gave lessons in her home. She had the unfortunate name of Mrs. Hole. Such was the esteem in which she was held that no one would ever think to make fun of her name. In fact, that aura of class and dignity was so integral to her being was strong enough that the unfortunate quality of her name never occurred to me until it was pointed out by a friend recently. I mentioned her fondly to a friend who remarked on her name and even with that prompting, it took me awhile to see the humor.

That is class – having an aura of dignity that outlasts death by decades. I was reminded of her by this dress from Silver Rose Designs for Vintage Fair.   I am sure that Mrs. Hole had articles of clothing that were not made of silk and crepe de chine and not embellished with embroidery, beads and sheer layers of tulle, but I cannot remember any. She always dressed for teaching as though for a performance, it seemed. She gave it majesty. Of course, her students were required to wear dress pants if they were boys and dresses if they were girls, as well. She thought music mattered and she honored it with her formality and respect. I didn’t take lessons from her myself, but she was a good friend of my mother’s and I spent a lot of time with her and she taught me embroidery. Mrs. Hole would wear this dress. She would delight in the sheer bodice overlay and the many rows of beading and the fitted, tailored elegance of it. She was a rather large woman, but she never fell for the trap of wearing clothing that was loose and large. She wore tailored, well-fitted clothing that made her always the best-dressed woman in town


She was not a rich woman – no widowed woman supporting herself by teaching a few hours of music everyday is going to be. Her clothes were old and from another era and were carefully and vigilantly maintained. But she had class. When I think of her in contrast to the so-called Countess who wrote the song with the title Money Can’t Buy You Class, the truth of the title is more self-evident than the Countess could ever imagine. Despite her wealth, the Countess is as déclassé as they come.  I kind of wrote her off when she was all atwitter that another housewife asked someone about plastic surgery, insisting that gossiping behind each other’s backs is so much more polite. Anyway, with all her money and privilege, more than one person has joked about her name and title, at her expense. She does not project that aura of majesty and dignity that my small-town music teacher did. If anything, she projects an odd mix of contempt mixed with anxiety – as though she knows she is a fraud, but thinks a veneer of condescension will obscure her failings.

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Fifty of Fifty


Eclectic Wingtips of Eclectic Apparel is having a super sale, putting half of her store on sale at half off. Yes, 50% of the items are 50% off.  Even better, there are a few 1 linden items such as this gorgeous little number to sweeten the pot. What I like best about Eclectic Apparel is that there are great basics, separates that can be combined and mixed and matched and build and extend your wardrobe. This is a stocker-upper sale.

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No Frogs Were Harmed




When I saw the Dart Frog Fairy dress from Simply Fae I was so entranced by the Dart Frog fabric, but really didn’t want to wear it as a fairy. It makes an adorable fairy, but then I might have to steal children and I have my hands full with a cat. It was a simple matter to take off the wings and then by editing specific prims, I ate the leaves that were at the belt. This left me the fabulous fabric that I wanted without the fairy elements. I added this fabulous jacket from Bliss Couture’s new collection of fantastic furs.

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An Investment Dress


The Shimmy Dress from ICING is one of those wardrobe foundations that you can build a wardrobe around. It has all the hallmarks of an investment dress – a classic silhouette that is never out of style, multiple layer options to coordinate with other clothing, colors that work in every season, and quality construction that is deceptively simple. These are qualities that make a dress take on a different mood as its styled with different accessories.

This is the dress for the quick change artist in you. In this post I will show you how easy it is to take a good investment dress and make several looks from high fashion to funky bohemian to vintage classic, all with a few accessory changes. Don’t for a second think this was all, either. I had several other possibilities in mind, but thought five was more than enough to make the case for this investment dress.  There are many investment pieces out there. While not making it an official “challenge” I would love to see what ideas you have for investment purchases that build a versatile wardrobe.

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.03


Continuing with the funk meets fashion collection from Bliss Couture, I have fabulously stylized low-rise denim jeans with bell bottoms so side you can hide the 1970’s in them.  Add the puffy fake fur jacket and gauntlets and you can hide a good share of the 60’s as well. She’s giving us more of what we’re funking for.

So wide can’t get around it
So low you can’t get under it.
One nation under a groove. 

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.02


The Bliss Couture collection is a fabulous mix of separates to mix and match. I said before, it’s a great combination of fashion and funk. There’s lots of exposure in this collection but “Funk not only moves, it can re-move.

The desired effect is what you get
When you improve your Interplanetary Funksmanship.

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.01


Modavia Fashion Week is up and running and the best design houses in Second Life® are releasing their fall collections and we fashionistas are eagerly awaiting each new release as they come out. I want to highlight the wonderful releases from Bliss Couture this fall. They are a winning combination of high fashion and funk.

You’ve got a real type of thing going down, gettin’ down
There’s a whole lot of rhythm going round

Ow, we want the funk. Give up the funk.
Ow, we need the funk. We gotta have that funk.

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The Future Is Now & Then

Those physicists who employ the chronology protection conjecture to assert that one cannot travel in time have never been in Second Life where one can travel from Stonehenge to Ancient Greece to newly imagined cyber-futures in mere seconds. That such travel is restricted to the digital world at the moment is merely a factor of our technological limitations, but our imagination has no such limitation. Imagination was set free for the Rezzable® event @ Greenies Home. Called The Future Is Now, it features the fashion imagination of some of Second Life’s most well known and most experimental designers.

Event organizer Winter Jefferson gifted me with one of the lovely gowns from the collection by a designer who foresees a future that still has time and space for romance and frills. From Bliss Couture, the futuristic Xennah gown is an exuberant homage to romantic finery which inspired me to do some time traveling back to the ancient ruins of Stonehenge on the CAM1 sim.

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The Stars Are Out

I am being a terrible blogger today and blogging a dress that I have no idea whatsoever about where/how I got it. If I were diligent, I would contact the creator and ask, but I know it’s a freebie because the box said Musashi-Do Freebie for Ladies 4.0. And so it’s from Musashi-Do where there’s been a lot of new releases happening lately.  I look a bit different because I am wearing my newest shape, Linna, that I made for the Skin/Shape Expo. I have a booth there with all my shapes – and 50% of all purchases of any of my shapes there will be donated to Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

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