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On Project Runway All-Stars this season, Viktor was warned away from his green dress by mentor Zanna Roberts Rassi who told him you never see green on magazine covers because it doesn’t sell. Awww.Poor Viktor only has green so he’s sunk. Green is my favorite color so I had to wonder about that. I realize it is not the easiest color to wear. If your skin has yellow undertones, some greens can make you look jaundiced. Still, it’s just a matter of seeing how you look in the particular shade, a bit of trial and error, and anyone can wear green in one of its many hues. This mint is fresh and springlike, full of new life and optimism. I added a fur wrap from Bliss Couture which is still going out of business. I know it’s been a long closing sale, but on the off chance she shuts the doors soon, you will want to stock up on her fur accents and hats before they are gone forever.

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Who does not love a dress with a bit of illusion? Illusion is the sheer fabric that is often used to make clothes look like they are defying gravity. If well-matched to your skin, it is invisible and can be the structural support for bodices that appear to stand on their own or, as in this Action dress from Countdown, the base for garlands of beautiful embroidery and beading.




Even on a clear and warm May evening, I like something to throw over my shoulders in case I feel a chill. This stole from Sascha’s Designs that I dug out of my inventory is a perfect complement to the dress, it’s duotone color picking up the gold from the embroidery and the pink-tipped ends adding a slightly darker shade of the same pink as the dress, tying it together with the hat. Tinting my white gloves from 5th & Oxford (no longer available) to a pale gold helps emphasize the pink and gold theme.
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Confessions: Envy


Envy, one of the Seven Sins Gacha Skins from PXL Creations.

Noting once again the delicious coincidence of PXL Creations releasing the Seven Sins Gacha skins the same week that Buckcherry released the Seven Sins as part of their Confessions album, I was elated to see then newest release from Shiki featuring a dress called Envy. Seriously, does serendipity get any better than that?

I’ve been watching you all day and night
I bet you’d make someone a perfect wife
My infatuation burns inside
I envy you and want you in my life.

I see you moving towards me, I feel it deep inside,
My mind, I can’t control it, I wish I had your life.

She’s got everything,
I hate it cause I envy him
And he doesn’t care like I do.
She’s got everything,
I hate it cause I envy him
And he doesn’t care like I do.
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I Am Not Throwing this Hat Over the Wall


There is a old saying that goes “if you want to climb a wall, throw your hat over it.” In essence, make a commitment that puts some skin in the game so failure will cost you. That is good advice, Sometimes we need consequences to motivate us. However, I am not throwing this hat over the wall. I am sure I must have some ball cap somewhere that will do. This hat, one of several from Glam Affair for Collabor88, got me digging in my closet to add some zing to the zip of this cute little dress from Hucci, also from Collabor88.


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Looking for Letters



Just because I am on the hunt for the 15 missing letters to help solve the Room 326 Hunt doesn’t mean I have to dress down. Some of the places you travel to along the way are quite elegant and deserve a little care spent on my appearance. Besides, I have wanting to wear the Tulip dress from E! Eclectic Apparel for Collabor88 almost all month. The Tulip dress is a chic little strapless number with a grosgrain black ribbon highlighting the empire waist that leads to a front pleat dress. The pleat’s soft folds convey the idea of a tulip giving the dress its name.  Continue reading

The Rose Theater


A trip to Second Life’s® Rose Theater requires a gown worthy of the venue and this recent release from VoguE Fashion is in all ways worthy. It has the regal red, black and gold colors, rich and strong colors that for centuries have signified formal elegance. The gown has a rich brocade band marking the chevroned drop waist and a bodice of red glass beans embellished with gold threads. Even the lush shoulder fur is dusted with gold. My jewelry from Donna Flora for My Second Box is just a regal and rich and the topaz gems are huge.

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RC Cola and a Moon Pie


With the lovely hat from Bliss Couture and the sleek pencil skirt, everything about this outfit is so very chic, but the polka dots and the bright cherry red point me toward rockabilly. In fact, RC Cola and a Moon Pie ran through my head the entire time I was blogging.

I don’t want no cornbread
And I do love peas and rice
And I don’t want no carrots
No real hot pizza slice

But everything’s gonna be alright
With an RC Cola and a Moon Pie

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All Gamblers & Fancy Women Must Sign Up with the Captain

Gamblers and Fancy Women

Gacha gambling is one of those Second Life® joys that are widely shared and deeply felt. Folks love to try their luck and the follow up with trading and garage sales while they strive to collect the entire set of this hamster or that spice or those shoes. PXL Creations is joining the Gacha craze with sixteen skins; eight for men and eight for women. The women’s skins are based on Gaia, a wonderful skin that I often wear. The men’s skins are based on PXL Creation’s Daniel.

PXL Gacha - Gaia Skins

PXL Creations Gaia – China Doll & Dark – Gacha

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Hang in there!


My 7th and 8th grade science teacher had a poster on the wall in his classroom that said “Hang in there, Friday’s coming!” I always thought that was so unrepresentative his real character as he had a passion for teaching and was not marking time waiting for the weekend. I guess I am thinking of him because I am “hanging in there” in this picture taken at Empyreal Dreams.

These planets are at the top of the stardust ribbon leading up from the build. Empyreal Dreams is a fabulous build that honors great works in literature including in this parcel, Les Miserables a book that loomed large in my childhood and was the centerpiece of one of the great conflicts of my elementary education.

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Misali Moonlight

Baiastice Veronica

So I went looking for a lovely place to shoot and found Misali – a gorgeous water sim with small islands that hold lovely little set pieces perfect for the SL photographer. Since I was wearing the purple and sapphire dress and jacket outfit from Baiastice I decided to use the lovely Purple Moonlight windlight setting from Elysium Elide. I love the dress and the jacket and like them together, though this does highlight one of the reasons I have not become a 100% supporter of mesh. I would love to have them as separate pieces, but unlike system clothing, mesh separates can be difficult to fit together. Some strategies I have used to make mesh separates work is to wear a M under and an L on top, though that does not always work. That’s why designers like Baiastice’ Sissy Pessoa make the outfits in one unified mesh instead of separates. It makes them work together perfectly, adjusting to your poses and preventing all intersections, but it does reduce our opportunity to make individualist styling choices.

Baiastice Veronica

Or maybe we just have to dig a little deeper to come up with new ways to add our own quirks and options. Here, I added the collar and sleeve fur pieces from a Bliss Couture jacket. I decided to tie the jacket more directly to the dress, adding the accents in the sapphire color of the dress.

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