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My Schedule Was Full

I got dressed quickly this morning, with a list of errands and things I wanted to check out. I grabbed a new purse from The Annex (how cute is that?) and thought – I’ll quick post up those pics I shot days ago before our blog went down, and head out.  All in all, ten minutes knocking out a blog post before hitting the road seemed like a great plan. After all, I want to go to a few events before RL Gidge has to hit the road.

That’s when it happened. My pictures, they weren’t in FLICKR. WHERE ARE MY PICTURES?

I walked around to my office and there they were, in my hard drive where I had left them. It seems I’d taken them but never cropped them. I also had done my great blogger mistake – I had changed my clothes and not saved any of my fashion details.

Did you hear that sound? That’s the sound of a blogger’s soul being wrenched apart by cruel fate. Continue reading

Fall Fever

Apparently fall fever is here but you wouldn’t be able to tell it where I live. It’s been 100 degrees for a week and will continue to be boob sweat weather for at least another week. Anyways, the lovely thing about SL is that my avatar neither sweats nor gets runny mascara. I can put her in a sweater, like the new one you see below from Cracked Mirror, and a cute skirt which is also new from CM, and she is just fine.


Hybie Is Wearing:

Sweater: Cracked Mirror – Slouch Sweater – Carafe
Skirt: Cracked Mirror – Snare Mini Skirt – Carafe
Hair: Bliensen and Maitai – La folie du jour – night with veil
skin: Pink Fuel – ALyx – porcelain lt smokey – lid1 -nobrow
eyes: ikon – vanity – ghost
shoes: mon tissu – favorite leather flats – blk
Location: Savoir Faire – Serenity Gardens