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Beach Blanket Bingo Is For Ugly People

To celebrate the opening of THE GARDEN this round, there was a beach party over at THE NEST. It just so happened that I had a new bikini and nowhere to be for at least an hour, so I failed to touch up my roots yet ran over anyway to frolic in the sand with everyone. Continue reading

Bikini Kill

I felt like doing some late night blogging although it’s not incredibly late for me. It’s been hot as hell outside and I figured it had been a while since I bought my avatar some new cute bikinis. I’ve ALWAYS been a stickler for cheap bikinis, I always told myself I would never pay over 50L for swimwear in SL. I broke that rule today.

First bikini is from SUKI called Sunny Bikini. It’s a cute Mesh bikini that is textured very well with a cute print on the bottoms.


Next bikini is from Mon Cheri called Rocker Babe. It’s not mesh but it has sculpted attachments like the bows and ties. It’s super cute and super sexy. Continue reading