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Catch Me In the Slipstream

Today I am wearing clothes from some of the best design houses in Second Life – Casa del Shai, Maitreya and Tesla – and it shows.  It’s gold, babe.

Some people never recognise it
Though it’s right before their eyes
And shines in all its glory
They never ever see
They choose something that looks just like it
And it may glitter all the time
But gold it will never be
I guess you never held on to quality
Or you woulda recognised by now
Something so special so true
When it’s standing right in front of you

I’m gold babe
Catch me in the slipstream
Passing by the fools who just don’t know
Pure gold babe
You’re looking at the real thing
If you knew my worth you wouldn’t let go.

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My New Winter Coat

I tolk you last week how I discovered Modern Gypsy when I met Staci Bernard looking impeccably styled and gorgeous in a wonferful coat. But then I didn’t show you the coat. I am rectifying that today. This is the wonderful coat I saw and, if you will indulge the conceit and ignore attachment point limits, the dress underneath it.

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From Burlesque to Ballroom

Just as I was finishing the burlesque shoot, I got an urgent IM from a customer and really, really did not feel like doing a shoot with a fan tail. So, I changed my hair real quick and tossed on this lovely gown – over dressed a bit for the occasion, I know – and was there in less than a minute. Continue reading


It’s purely coincidence that the outfit I am proposing for Halloween fun today is completely free. This outfit is not an editorial comment on the Freebie debate. In fact, I shot the photos on the 22nd, a day before the Great Freebie Debate in which I agreed with everyone. I like freebies, I sometimes blog them. I also think that there’s a freebie glut right now.  Perhaps there will be a natural market correction. I also agree some shoppers are just dang rude, but do not believe the freebies make them rude.  Some people find anonymity liberating and become more creative, more open and more alive. Some find anonymity liberating and turn into creatures with the manners of a weasel, the morals of a polecat and the kindness of a badger. It’s not the freebies that make them that way; it’s their true nature. But now, back to fashion.

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China Gold

One of the reasons I love events like Hair Fair and the recent Glamour Expo is that I encounter new stores and designers. Some of them may not be new at all, but are new to me.  I will feel lucky if I even see a tenth of the great fashions in Second Life.Second Life fashion overflows with an abundance of creativity which gives us all the frequent joy of discovery of the new and the exciting almost daily.

All of which is a lot of words to express how happy I was to discover Riviera Couture at the Glamour Expo. I have already blogged two outfits from that experience, but I finally went to the main store to check it out and found this breath-taking outfit.

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Love Is All Around

“I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes.” The water that is. Yes, I went wading in the water at Nameless and am Wet Wet Wet.

JoJorunoo Runo has a few new releases at RunoRuno and passed me some review copies. This one captivated me instantly with it oh-so-sexy form-fitting silk textures. In fact, it is so form-fitting it makes me think of the way silk clings when wet and I had to try it out at Nameless.

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No Pixels Were Harmed in the…

One of my favorite groups is the Swedish group Hedningarna and one of my favorite songs of theirs is Räven.  You can hear a clip here.  I thought if it as soon as I put on the wonderfully luxuorious red fox jacket from bijou as the name translates to Fox Woman.  The song is quite ferocious,  so I left off the lower half of the fur coat, making it a jacket to wear with leather pants – much fiercer that way, I thought.

Incidentally, this texture is also in the free texture pack I mentioned in the previous post.

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The Song

I am in love with that glorious line of rhinestones running down the back of the heel of these Dare pumps from Shiny Things.

Purple haze all in my brain
Lately things just dont seem the same
Actin funny, but I don’t know why
scuse me while I kiss the sky

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