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Brrrr… It's Cold Here

And this outfit from Donna Flora is just the thing to warm you up!

A beautifully tailored suit, trimmed in warm fur at the collar and cuffs.  Squinternet Larnia’s attention to detail is fantastic.  Her fabric textures have so much depth you can almost feel them.  Not to mention her extensive collection of vintage jewelry, you are sure to find just the piece to match ANY outfit.

Style Notes:

Outfit:  Donna Flora – Marchessa, smoke

Shoes:  B&G – Dona, negro

Jewelry:  Donna Flora – Lorena

Hair:  Donna Flora – Marlene, platinum

Skin:  League – Amber, Pillarbox

Eyes: Poetic Colors – Classic, Christmas freebie-bright

No Peeking….

OK… go ahead and peek.

I’ve been very “into” period clothing lately.  And while I was out and about at Donna Flora, I came across this GREAT lingerie set.  I just had to give you a look. Was the perfect reason to use my dressing room prop from {What Next} too!

The short bed jacket and camisole and shorts are a perfect combo for a cozy evening cuddled up with the one you love or just if you want to feel sexy!  Go by her store and check this set out.. or her jewelry… or her hair… or her shoes… grinz… just go!

Style Notes:

Outfit:  Donna Flora – Lulu

Shoes:  B&G – Dona, Negro

Hair:  Ingenue – Jitterbug Doll, Merlot

Eyes:  Poetic Colors – Bright, Ice Crystals

Skin:  League – Amber, Pillarbox

Digit Does Art Nouveau

I am always excited when I see designers inspired by my favorite artists so when I saw this dress by Digit Darkes I jumped up and down with joy. Gustav Klimt was a great artist and many folks know his most famous work, The Kiss and in that painting you can see those wonderful gold decorations that distinguish his work and are found in the Asaka dress from Digit Darkes.

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