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Biker Chic

It’s a good thing you don’t have to prove your biker credentials before getting a biker jacket as I would never qualify. That doesn’t keep me from enjoying the hint of rebellion and danger evoked by the always-flattering jacket. And when the jacket is as beautifully made as this one from Mashooka, well it’s nearly irresistible.

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Prelude Suites

I got an IM from Polaire Aeghin the other day asking me to take a look at her collection for Prelude. Little did she know that I had recently visited the store and picked up a few items to blog, but the clothes she dropped on me were so fun and so versatile, they completely jumped the line.

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Round Buttons

Oh I do love the round buttons that trim this jacket from Zaara – a jacket I am sure you will see again and again as the truly well-made and flexible clothing items do get a lot of wear and air time. I decided to follow through on the theme of gold buttons – and chose the lovely necklace from Genesis that the green blouse from Zaara because of their gold buttons – but the piece that is the buttoniest of all is the pants from TOSL – the wonderful Sergeant Pepper pants. I have worn them before in another color – but this time I am grabbing the teal pants and yes, they work with that top.

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Falling in love with Modern Gypsy

A friend asked me to TP to Stiletto Moody to see if I could. While standing near the TP point, explaining that it was open only to group members because of the 40% off sale I spotted an elegantly styled and lovely woman. Her name is Staci Bernard and after I admired her lovely outfit, she was kind enough to give me the landmark and introduce me to Modern Gypsy where I found the gorgeous jacket she wore as well as this coat and oh-so much more.

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Christmas Quickie #6

Just in time for the holidays and New Year’s, Zaara has released her most beautifully alluring gown yet. Releasing it in red, gold and black, she gives you choices for  the coming New Year’s parties, including black for a black and white ball. However, only the colors give it a seasonal appeal, so you can wear it all year round. She also put this glorious jewelry out as a gift in the anteroom of her store.

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Snow White & Rose Red: The Ice Ballet

Tres Jolie Flocon de Neige

There's a 72 hours sale at Tres Jolie. Gidge is wearing Tres Jolies Flocon de Neige. Cajsa is wearing Flocon de Neighe Rouge.

This single mother living in the woods had two daughers whom she gave the idiosyncratic and slightly lunatic names Snow White & Rose Red. The two sisters got on well and did everything together.

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Analu's Armoire Diversity Take Two

I have been thinking about getting a nice men’s suit for some time, so Analu’s Armoire Diversity Challenge helped me take the plunge. I love the look – it makes me think of Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo and Lauren Bacall – the many glorious actresses who showed how great women can look. They may have dressed like men, but it only accentuated their femininity.

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Dress Me Up As a Pirate? (Cajsa by Hannah)

Okay, so L&S designer Hannah Yakan is smart enough to see that the Dress Me Up Challenge is a great way for designers to get some blogging exposure and she sent me two outfits to choose from. Being the water lover I am, I had no difficulty in choosing the Anne Bonney pirate costume…which could be mixed and matched in individual pieces. I used my Bishwear Toss Me Around hair because it has that whole pirate wench thing going…and posed out on the posing rocks…thinking Anne Bonney could be taking a rest, supervising her crew while they dig for treasure.

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