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Early Bird DJ


I signed up to DJ at SL9B and drew the 6 AM slot. My set was this morning and was a lot of fun. I featured music of community liberation and resistance from around the world, trying to craft a set to suit this years SL9B theme of community. Gogo gave me some smart advice, reminding me not to wear mesh in case there were folks attending without mesh viewers, so I dug out this gorgeous old dress from MichaMi and added hot pick shoes from Baiastice is spice it up with color.

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Fall Colors are Cool Beans

Nothing in the fashion world makes me go MEH faster than a tank top. Oh you made a tank top? Yawn….

Unless it’s cute.

Which I why I like to be the first to show off CUTE tanks when someone takes the time to make something nice, there are just too many really average boring pieces out there for you to MISS something pretty.

Cool Beans has released the Demure Rose tank tops in pretty tones that are perfect for fall. Continue reading

We'll Always Have Paris

Chaisuki Paris NoBrowTattoo_001
Rick and Ilsa will always have Paris and so will you if you check out the new Paris skin from Chaisuki for Vanity Universe Skin Fair. With 18 skins, 18 tattoo layer lip shades, 21 special layers, 4 cleavage layers, 3 pubic hair layers, 4 brow layers and 4 hairbases in 6 warm and lush tones, you will have enough options to wear Paris everyday for a year without ever repeating yourself. Chai Kazan, the skinner behind Chaisuki, must have worked her fingers to the bone to produce this much variety. It took hours simply to shoot the pictures of the skins, I can’t imagine how long it must have taken to create them.
Chaisuki Paris Tones
Six luscious skin tones. One of the things I really like about Chaisuki skin tones is that they remind me of warm and gentle hand-colored photographs. Continue reading

Sweet Lovely Cute

Sweet Lovely Cute is the name of a pose store that Gogo introduced me to the other day. The poses are adorable, making it a very well-named store. However, I think the name suits this dress from Modern Gypsy equally well. I love floral prints for summer – they make me happy.

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A Wonderful Rouge Day!

To be perfectly honest, Saturday was an odd day. I woke up disgustingly early and found myself wandering back for a short nap around 7 AM or so…and slept until 4 in the afternoon. That is not a good plan for accomplishment and ticking off to-do lists, let me tell you. How wonderful then, that the One Year Anniversary Party for the Rouge Sim was a 12 hour party – so I could sleep through part of it, take care of some to-do’s and still not miss it. I was lucky enough to get there in time for the SLAG Burlesque Show.

I invited a guy I know to come, but I guess, “hey, you want to come watch a burlesque show?” creates the wrong impression.  Scared him to death!  Anyway, for the event, I wore this lovely black and rouge lingerie dress that was ideal for sitting and dancing – and looking good while doing it.

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