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Goodbye Old Friend


I was honored to be asked to DJ the first half of the Closing Party for Rouge, the incomparable sim that was the brainchild of Codebastard Redgrave (Codie) and Eshi Otawara. Because Rouge is Red and Red is Codie raison d’être, I knew I had to wear red, just as I did to the opening party back in July, 2008. With its dance poles and feather boa foliage, Rogue is a place to wear your naughty and flirtatious outfits, so I was thrilled that Azul released Likka, a brand new burlesque corset and skirt just in time for the party. How perfect is that.


Medieval scholars debated for years about whither art of nature. Eshi Otawara’s answer is art and nature, terraforming the land of Rouge into a work of art. Be sure to check out this photo from Oscar Page. I like it much better than mine.

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The peaceful light of the ever-shining sun



In the peaceful light
Of the ever-shining sun
In the days of spring,
Why do the cherry’s new-blown blooms
Scatter like restless thoughts?

…Ki no Tomonori

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Where Is My Red Carpet?


Mami Jewell of Azul is one of the go-to designers for red carpet events. Her gowns are always luxurious, dramatic and perfect for grand occasions. So, I don’t have a grand occasion to go to and no one is laying out the red carpet for me, but I decided to wear it anyway – just because it is so gorgeous and I am thrilled to see her moving into mesh creation. I chose to wear the new Adam n Eve lace glove applier for SLink hands – not because of any problem with the Azul gloves, but just to make sure folks know they have this option for their Slink hands.
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Let Your Flexi Flag Fly


David Crosby’s Almost Cut My Hair lyrics came to mind today as I was thinking about this post.

I almost cut my hair
‘Twas just the other day
It was gettin’ kinda long
I could-a said, it was in my way
But I didn’t and I wonder why
I want to let my freak flag fly
And I feel like I owe it to someone

I guess it’s because so many of us, including me have been deleting more and more of our old flexi and system clothing to make room for mesh. However, today I am going to let my flexi flag fly because there are still times when flexi gives us something that mesh cannot – movement that is flowing, soft and romantic as in this gorgeous gown from Azul.

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The club where I DJ was in the Destination Guide today and many newbies dropped in. It was fun to see them running about to the right, left and all around. Most of them were too busy rushing to stop and chat but a few did. Most wanted to know if Second Life was addictive. I sure think it is, if they get past the confusion that we all face at first and begin making friends. It’s the people, the friends, that make SL addictive. Two of the people I met my first week in SL are still my two best friends in SL – so I hope they have as wonderful luck as I did.

And I hope they also find the joy of exploration – going to sims to see what can be seen. I went to this Japan Garden sim yesterday – a beautiful place of peace and harmony. It seemed a good choice for showing off this gown from Azul. It’s the design from Mami Jewell of Azul for Miss Virtual World Japan. It comes in 8 gorgeous color options, but I chose this one for the bold cerise and bordeaux combination.

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A Cathedral of Light


Throughout history, cathedrals were designed to inspire awe and wonder through the power of light streaming in through windows – whether stained glass story windows or as at Memento Mori, through the flood of unfiltered sunlight.  Any visitor to ChouChou’s Memento Mori will experience that sense of awe and wonder that lent such power to the medieval church.  When I put on this stunning waterfall of a gown from Azul, I knew that I wanted to shoot it on the cascading stairs at Memento Mori in a bath of sunlight.

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Azul for Ashraya


Mami Jewell of Azul is known for her fabulous gowns made of sleek, shiny charmeuse, rich brocades, silks and satins festooned with flowers and ribbons and bows. She designs gowns for runways and pageants and for any woman who wants to feel like a star. She’s also very generous, producing three charity gowns for Culture Shock and for the Ashraya Project this month. With so much community involvement, I hope she has time for having fun. I decided to highlight the Phula dress she made as an exclusive for the Ashraya Project. When I tried it on, its flowing skirt made me think of a flower with its petals undulating in the water, so I headed for open water.

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Mercy Now


It’s been just over a year since the tremendous earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan and the work of recovery is still in progress. To that end, Mami Jewell has released this beautiful, ethereal gown called Esperance, or Hope. 100% of the proceeds will go to Japan’s Red Cross to support the continued recovery effort. It reminded me of one of my favorite songs – Mercy Now by Mary Gauthier. This is a powerful song that brought me to tears the first time I heart its opening lines, “My father could use a little mercy now” as it made me think of how hard my own father worked and the setbacks and disappointments in his life.

My father could use a little mercy now.
The fruits of his labor
Fall and rot slowly on the ground.
His work is almost over,
It won’t be long and he won’t be around.
I love my father; he could use some mercy now.

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