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Expectations 4:What Do You Expect From This Sn@tch?

posted by Gidge Uriza

There seems to be some misunderstanding that the only people who can find clothes at Sn@tch are goth queens and those who give much props to THEIR $I$STAHS or other such nonsense in their profiles. It seems that perhaps my Barbie sisters aren’t aware of the gorgeous treasure trove to be found – and for awesome prices.

Granted, if I’m looking for something festive and gothy I do run to Sn@tch…..but to only shop there for that kind of look would be to miss some absolutely stunning pieces that no girly girl should be missing out on.

Such as……….THIS DRESS! Continue reading

Do Androids Dream of Electric Shopping Carts?

I dreamed I went to Shopping Cart Heaven and woke up in Utopia03 – another of the five World Expo islands. This island is an art installation by Bryn Oh and is called no colour. Similar to the other installations in the series – that name is at once extremely fitting and extremely ironic. The android dreams of the shopping carts are of metamorphosis into the natural and so – with time shifts – the sim comes alive with lysergic-laced dreams of color as the shopping carts morph into fantastical plants and trees.  Alas, their dreams are short and they wake up again to their colorless existence. However, I think there is more beauty in their natural state of detritic decay than in their exuberantly colorful fantasies.

The sim’s monotonal color scheme is a perfect setting for the limited tones in the top and skirt I wore – and the tribal stamp print fabric is echoed in the terrain textures.  Both the top and skirt are from Lelutka – though not produced as a set. The construction of the top is amazing. For example, the main bodice color is achieved by layering the printed texture sculpt with a sheer blue sculpt over it – giving the color depth and luster that is only achieved through the interplay of two separate textures. The details such as the skirt belt and rivets are also extremely well made and add stunning elements of design and precision.

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Wingless Fae

posted by Gidge Uriza

The Collaboration between Lark and Dark Mouse brings us FAE in gown and jewelry – a gorgeous set that truly screams for me to put on some wings.

And did you know I used to be a Fairy? I did!

But none of my wings matched.

And I’m lazy.

So I didn’t go wing shopping.

But Lizzie did.

The gown and jewelry come in multiple tones each complimenting the other – I chose to wear gold because I was having a very blonde day and my blonde girl likes gold.

These two pieces are offered at the Etheria event which is still going on until the 20th . Continue reading

Blazin Hawt

Lelutka has several new releases that are quite exciting and fully in the Lelutka tradition of à la page fashion. My favorite of the new releases is the Blazin dress made of layers of ruffled folds. The fabric texture is amazingly detailed and so real you want to touch it. I chose the peach version of the dress because it’s one of my favorite colors – a color that just always looks good. However, there are many colors, some soft like the peach and other electric colors like yellow and purple. I can imagine purchasing this dress in several colors and even mixing and matching, perhaps wearing the top tier in another color. [Update: You can see how well that can be done by taking a peek at Nina Fessbinder’s combination of Blazin in yellow and purple.]

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Whither Spring?

What do we want? Sun! When do we want it? Now! I know that we Oregonians are not supposed to expect sunny days until June, but I am getting a little bit tired of all the rain. In anticipation of summer sun, I opted for sunny yellow with this lovely outfit coupling a nice breezy sunny yellow top from Beetlebones with some summer white pants from Lelutka.  While the texturing of the top is imperfect with a little bit of gray edging at the arms and neckline, I do love the sunny color and the softly feminine design with the dainty white eyelet embroidery at the bottom. It suits my seasonal mood – even if the weather outside doesn’t.

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Kicking Up Our Heels – Literally

posted by Gidge Uriza

Cajsa and I are completely fruity with glee over the release of the Cajsa Boots and Gidge Shoes from A-Bomb.  They have been out for sale for a wee bit, but with me being off line to have the baby, it took us some time to get together to shoot them in all their glory. Continue reading

In Lieu of Baking a Casserole…..

posted by Gidge Uriza

Where I come from, when someone has a death in the family, their friends, neighbors and family come with cakes and casseroles to stock the pantries and fridge so that the mourning don’t have to even consider food -it’s just there ready and waiting.

If you follow me on Plurk you know that over the past month I’ve dealt with the ongoing drama of a 18 year old 4 legged feline member of my family who I loved more than I realized. But as things progressed Silo and I did everything we could do to keep her with us – and in the end, Tuesday to be exact – her 18 years caught up with her and now we’re left to mourn that little ball of fur.

5th and Oxford dropped me the Jori skirts and shirts that same day I plurked about my loss an grief, with the kindest note – saying she knew that some digital threads wouldn’t make up for my loss but that she was thinking of me.

I think it’s a great testament to the community we have amongst one another – we Fashion Mafia members. (yeah you’re a member, don’t act innocent. I see you). Continue reading

Bright Lights

The next highlight from the Accessory Fair is Ganked – a store that took the feed by storm a few weeks ago with bold, contemporary large necklaces in abstract shapes. Their creationa for the Accessory Fair  are equally bold and attention-grabbing – including this gorgeous yellow set called Broadway Lights. This is actually a freebie being offered by them at the Accessory Fair.

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Vintage Mood

To be honest, this lovely polka dot dress is clearly a modern interpretation of the familiar vintage full skirt and not authentically vintage. Available at the Nouveau Miranda store, it’s made by Wicked Loudon – the new identity of one of the former FOAM creators who is now an adult and back in Second Life®.

One look at the umbrella curving shape of the gores that make up the full skirt makes the dresses modernity evident. However, the fitted waist, the fullness of the skirt, the draped collar and the polka-dot fabric all pay homage to the fashions of half a century ago.

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MiaMai: Restraint & Exuberance

Most of the holiday parties have run their course, but Second Life has never limited parties to the holidays and formal events and clubs abound, so whenever you want to dress up, you can and you can find a place to show off your lovely gown. This one is a gorgeous gown from MiaMai with delicate silver tracery on the bodice. This is a dress that shows how sometimes less is more – the upright color poufs are there, but in control. There’s the embroidery – but just a dusting of it.

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