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Bandana Day

bandana day_006

One of the great elements of Hair Fair is that it asks for more participation from us than just shopping, blogging or building. Each year, it asks all of us to take off our hair and don a bandana in solidarity with those who are going through cancer treatment and losing their hair. Hair is very precious to us. Most of us when asked to describe ourselves, start with our hair color Our hairstyles are our signs to the world, communicating our interests, tastes and values. When people lose their hair, that signifier that said they are chic, or sporty, or rebellious is lost and replaced with a new signifier – Cancer Patient.
Bandana Day 2011
That is why Wigs For Kids is such a critical support to children who are going through cancer treatment. Children are already struggling to establish their identity, to individuate – and when cancer treatment robs them of such a critical signifier as hair, it’s important to restore that as best we can.
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Hair in Second Life has come a long way since Washu first developed prim hair. This evolution has gone from prim hair to flexis, sculpts and combinations thereof. Over a year ago, we first started seeing hair bases with attachments, usually a bun, ponytail and perhaps an updo in blonde and black, but still limited in variety and color. With the 2.0 tattoo layer we saw a new innovation, the hair base on the tattoo layer with attachments best illustrated by Monica Outlander’s creations for MiaMai which I will highlight tomorrow. Today, I will stay with the skin plus hair base innovation and its tremendous expansion with the release of Baiastice’s new Pulchra skin by Sissy Pessoa.  It’s not just that she also includes brunettes and redheads, but it’s the great variety of hair styles she has produced to work with her hair bases. So many, in fact, that I made a slide show to show them all to you.

[vodpod id=Video.4128326&w=425&h=350&fv=]

And now for something completely different

Feeling a bit fey last night, I decided to take the Cambridge Cuffed shirt from Armidi and see if I could give it a “quaintly unconventional” look. After all, what could be more conventional than a plain button-down shirt? A fun challenge, then, to give it an unconventional twist. Browsing my inventory, I tried a few skirts, but the instant I put on Nell from LBD, the search was over.

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