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Exploring in Style


I went over to Anarchy sim the other day to explore the glorious castle that was built there. It was so lovely on the outside, I decided to stay outdoors, especially since I had the cutest jacket in the metaverse to keep me warm. Do you think I exaggerate? I do not! Look at the peachy cuteness with the perfect little belted bow, the pleating buttons, the pouf of fur collar and the adorable piping. Those are design details that win!

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.07

Anubis Mouche @ Modavia Fashion Week

Anubis Style has a bright, bold floral print that is full of exciting fashion details from the S-curve zipper to the yellow dashes down the legs, from the fingerless cerise gloves to the striped contrasting shoulder pads, this is an outfit to dazzle. One thing to note, the skirt of this dress is not a pencil skirt and is supposed to rest off the body. That means that switching to a skirt shape could actually exaggerate the silhouette and a regular shape will look more natural.

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Modavia Fashion Week 2011.06

Six runway shows that kept flowing and ended on time even with Linden Labs shutting down the grid and blocking sign ins for a bit. Now that’s organization.


Shai Delacroix’s release for Casa del Shai was a range of new skins in several shade and standard makeups as well as an abundance of tattoo makeup.
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A Touch of Color


One of my favorite finds at Modavia Fashion Week was this lovely mostly black and white floral print dress from Anubis Style. I say mostly black and white because the special touch that really enchanted me were the occasional colored flowers sprinkled in among the black and white ones.
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I swear I am like a magpie sometimes. Flash some bright color my way and I am there! That certainly is how the Landa dress from Anubis caught my eye. I was walking through the boutique stalls at Modavia Fashion Week and a splash of lime caught my eye. Then it dragged me over and made me buy this dress. After being forced to buy the dress by a color, it’s a good thing I like it! The sweater details over the lime top are spot on.
I decided to hang out at the record shop and show it off. It’s an ideal dress for music and dancing, so the record shop at Virtual Decay made sense to me.
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