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Annah has changed the name of the store to StoRin.

Winter Garden: Gypsophilia & Ginkgo

So I am going to go overboard and drive you mad with Modern Gypsy posts, I am that excited. This post will look at two of Micah Kanto’s designs for Modern Gypsy, Babybreath and Genko. You mission, should you choose to accept it, is to determine which is which.

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Falling in love with Modern Gypsy

A friend asked me to TP to Stiletto Moody to see if I could. While standing near the TP point, explaining that it was open only to group members because of the 40% off sale I spotted an elegantly styled and lovely woman. Her name is Staci Bernard and after I admired her lovely outfit, she was kind enough to give me the landmark and introduce me to Modern Gypsy where I found the gorgeous jacket she wore as well as this coat and oh-so much more.

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Christmas Quickie #6

Just in time for the holidays and New Year’s, Zaara has released her most beautifully alluring gown yet. Releasing it in red, gold and black, she gives you choices for  the coming New Year’s parties, including black for a black and white ball. However, only the colors give it a seasonal appeal, so you can wear it all year round. She also put this glorious jewelry out as a gift in the anteroom of her store.

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Christmas Quickie #5

As Christmas draws to a close and we head toward New Year’s, there will be a lot of holiday parties looking toward the coming year. Perhaps a traditional Black & White ball on New Year’s Eve?   If so, this is a lovely dress for that, simple and seasonal, with understated elegance. It’s from Pretty Magic and is wisely sold separately from the witch hat and cape that goes with it.

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Audrey & Hepburn, not Audrey Hepburn

When I received a promotional copy of the new Stiletto Moody shoes tonight called Audrey, I could not resist being a total cliche and pairing it with the Hepburn dress from Azul. Now I confess to being as hesitant as the next person to splurging on these shoes but I was counting and figuring to see if I could swing it because they looked so lovely and might work so well in photos.

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And now for something completely different

I ushered the marvelous runway show of Eshi Otawara’s new collection on Saturday – an extraordinarily simple task richly rewarded with one of her smokey tux gowns that I wore as I greeted people. After the show, I went to her shop and dithered forever trying to decide what to purchase because I wanted so many. One purchase that I did not dither over was the fantastical Green Blossoms, the outfit I am wearing here…and yes, it is completely different.

Armoire Diversity Challenge from Analu

I am still working away at the Dress Me Up challenge but this is my attempt to see if I can walk and chew gum at the same time – or in other words, try to tackle a second challenge while still working on a first. So, dressing like a man?  Well, I was looking for Ztique for a completely unrelated reason and happened to spy one of the many ubiquitous Rfyre outlets on this sim where Ztique most decidely was not located. Bad Search!!!

I know Rfyre has some lovely clothes for men….so I made like a bee and buzzed over.

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December Is Upon Us

December has arrived and it brought a little snow my way – at least in Second Life®.  This is in the Winter section of the photo park at MDR and I probably should have worn boots and not slingbacks, but I liked the way they look with the pants. I didn’t hike back down the hill, anyway. I jumped on a hangglider.

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