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Barrier Methods

If there is anything you learn growing up in the land of the ice and snow, it’s that you need to stay dry and keep the wet cold off of you. Layers, and the right ones are the key. You’ll get cold, but you won’t be TOO miserable by the time you get home to peel off  your frozen outerwear and warm back up.

Being warm is a bugaboo for me. As a child, we had a house with out insulation. After the blizzard hit, we spent many nights sleeping in every item of clothing we owned, on the floor in front of the fireplace.

So, I won’t be cold. Not ever, if I can help it. Continue reading

Let Me Introduce You To AUGUST FLUX Round

The FLUX Event this month is a Tiki Trailer park kitsch theme that is irresistible. The shopping kiosks are located on the various sandbar islands and up the hill in the trailers overlooking the whole build.

It’s a bloggers paradise with lots of great vignettes waiting for you to take pics of island and beachy themed fun, plus there are lots of goodies from props to clothes and more that I’m enjoying this round.

Dead Dolls has released a very simple but perfect summer sundress that happens to coordinate awesomely both in style and tone with the cherry red heels BOOM released at COLLABOR88 this month (PS ENDING SOON in case you didn’t go). Continue reading

Beep Beep Beep

Beep Beep BeepThis has not been the best morning. I just spent twenty minutes running around this Linden neighborhood looking for my cat. WHERE IS MY CAT? She wasn’t in bed with me like she should be. The Kittycats hud won’t find her. WHERE IS MY CAT? And – somehow, in the night, someone has stolen all of my nail polish.  My entire rack is empty and I know for a FACT I locked the doors. I was not starting out right at all. Plus, I was tired. Continue reading

Gasqhe: the Joy of Discovery

Gasqhe Wen

One of the joys of events like Modavia Fashion Directory is the discovery of new designers and new stores and sometimes, as in the case of Karija Azalee, whose collection for Gasqhe blew me away. I was struck by the originality and the unique vision of her collection so planned to check out her store and saw no info in her picks. I im’ed to suggest she put her LM in her picks and she confess she didn’t have a store yet, but would in the near future. In the interim, she has a boutique booth at Moravia. The booths will stay open for two months, so there’s plenty of time for you to get there.

Gasqhe Jils

I think I compared her textures as Cezanne on Acid. They have the muted, soft look of watercolors. This dress, Jils, makes me think of a bed if irises. Irises were my mom’s favorite flower and they always find a soft spot in my heart.

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