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The Grind To The End

Getting to to the end of a goal can be a grind. It’s there in sight, but you have to keep going to make it happen.  You can’t let up or you won’t get  there, you have to keep making things happen and being on your game even though it’s so close, SO SO SO CLOSE.

That’s been my week. I had these photos done early Monday AM. I had them editted on Tuesday. But since then, I’ve been driving toward a goal and could barely think until it was done.

The exhaustion of having completed it is upon me, the relief, the feeling of overwhelming AAAAAAAAHHHHH and it shows by how befuddled I am this morning.

I just spent five minutes wondering why typing Cajsa’s name into Google didn’t allow me to send her a message. Continue reading

It Takes a Lot of Work

I always laugh a little when I get dressed, remembering Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolia’s declaring “It takes a lot of work to look like this!”  What I wanted to look like this morning was comfortable. It’s Sunday, and luckily Girl Thursday just released adorable casual clothes that are perfect for your adventures on such a relaxed day.

I made my coffee and perused the sales, trying to decide where to head out to first.   Continue reading

Now That Holiday Guests Are Gone

I was expecting various escorts, pimps and blingtards from SL holidays past to stop in and was ecstatic to find a new living room set from CHEEKY PEA at THE GARDEN which features a HIDEABED! Seriously – this comes in SO handy when your friends and relatives who still haven’t found mesh yet decide to spend the night! You just CLICK and it’s a bed. CLICK AGAIN and it’s a bed.

Makes a clean up a snap! Continue reading

Early Morning Bloggery


I woke up at 4:30 this morning. Why? Because my cat decided it was time for me to wake up and he knows exactly how to make that happen. He sits right on my chest with his paws on my throat and starts rubbing his nose on my nose. Of course, it’s the cutting off my air supply, not the cat kisses that wake me up. It works every time.

So I took some pictures hanging out at my house over by Gidge’s place. I was still tired so I laid down on the couch. Sideways, though, so Oscar could not cut off the air supply again.

Who me?

Now he lays on the floor looking all innocent, “Who me?” but I know very well what he is capable of.

Continue reading

The Drama Train Never Stops On Sunday

There is something to be said for Sundays away from the computer. You miss a lot of name calling and raging and shenanigans. It seems like, on Sundays, our friends are unable to defend themselves and require us to rage against people that they may or may not be mad at. It also seems like, everything and everyone can’t just like, don’t worry be happy.

I however, opt for the latter. I made jello. Jello is, in my belief, one of the finest treats around. I am considering making something that I am told Australians love, Fairy Bread. I don’t know yet, that’s a maybe. Continue reading

Collabor88 Drops In For Dinner

I had just picked up this adorable manicure from Marketplace made by Alicia Chenaux when I realized OMG COLLABOR88! MUST SHOP!

After wading through the crowds of people I think I am pretty happy, after all, the 90s themed pieces released are fun and kicky, alluding to that time before greasy hair and flannel took ahold of us.

So many boxes came home with me, it was nearly tragic. Continue reading

Linden Home Makeover – Progress

Linden Home Makeover - 104 Proffit


104 Profitt continues to evolve weekly as creators release more amazing and beautiful mesh decor pieces. I am adding and subtracting to find that perfect look that suits me and makes dwelling within 117 prims a pleasure rather than a hardship.

Linden Home Makeover_Eat In Kitchen

Not too much is new with the kitchen. I put up a wall and a bit of decoration. This space is so big, I think I’d like an everyday version of Handverk’s holiday table to fill it. (HINT HINT HANDVERK). Continue reading

Shopping Time:Mommy and Me Version

Pram Shopping


I decided to check out an in world shopping group I joined that has a weekly sales event. Bargains for Babies has a Friday sale day, and several different shops have items for your Zooby Babies for 75L which is a steal.

Gidge and Sophie Uriza


I was unable to resist the deal at Leri Miles designs though, because it’s a coordinating sweater to go with your Zooby Babies outfit! Each item for only 75L? Sweet!

I’ve worn Leri Miles before, so I felt comfortable picking up both pieces, and I wasn’t dissapointed.

Mommy and Me Shopping
And since we both got hungry doing so much shopping, I’ll have to check out FLF later.

It’s lunch time!

Time For Lunch

Shopping List:
Eyelashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Shoes: “Nzuri” Sysy Pumps – Purple Glitter –
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Jamie Mesh Hair – Rye
Skirt: DCNY Mesh_Denim Pencil Skirt_Faded Wash S
Necklace: EarthStones With Love Necklace
Sweater: Leri Miles Designs Bonnie Button Up M Cupcake
Shape: Gidge ~Savoir Faire Shapes~
Skin: -Belleza- Ava Fair 4
Eyes: Poetic Colors classic – coral reef (m) bright

On Sophie Uriza: Leri Miles Designs Cupcake Outfit for Bargains for Babies 75L today!

Kitchen – Alouette

I Moved To Government Housing

My Linden Home - Welcome to 104 - the Boo Haus


It’s true. I have moved into a Linden Home – albeit probably temporarily.

Remember when they came out? And it was like wow, you can put one decent sofa in there and maybe a table and then you are out of prims? Well, with mesh, that’s all changed. I did some very cursory shopping – but my first pass at living a more modest lifestyle has begun, we’ll see how it suits me. Continue reading